ShopVenture Blog - Wedding Series Part Four: Get Your Wedding On

Wedding Series Part Four: Get Your Wedding On

By Phoebe Waller
27 May 2016

Who would’ve guessed that planning a wedding would be stressful? There are tons of movies about weddings that make it look like a piece of cake. Apparently you find your wedding gown in the first boutique you enter, you have the time of your life at your bachelorette party, and Daddy pays for it all with his plastic.

It’s time to wake up and smell the carnations…because you probably blew your budget on a pair of Christian Louboutin’s…so roses are out of the question. So here’s some advice from our SV brides. 


Your Wedding, Your Bridal Party

Do you really want your catty cousin to be a member of your bridal party, just because your Mom says so? Will you ask your middle school BFF to be your Maid of Honor, even though you haven't spoken in years? It’s time to be brutal. Pick people who have been there for you consistently and who you imagine being your first-born’s Fairy Godmother. If they don’t fit the bill, they don’t make the cut!

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Prep Your Maids For Your Bachelorette Party

Traditionally, your bridal party has full control over planning your Bachelorette. Although you may think they know you inside out, they might get a little over excited and start booking certain “activities”. You may think you want a half-naked male stripper, but that probably won’t end up being how you want to spend your last night as a free womanEh! Who are we kidding…we’ll take a Magic Mike any day of the week.

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Pack Flat Shoes…Don’t Pretend You Won’t Want Them

On the day of the wedding you’re going to be wearing high heels from morning until night. Do you really want to be wincing during your first dance? Pack some flat shoes so that you shake that thing into the early hours of the morning. And still have some energy to throw on a pair of heels at the end of the night…

Nominate Someone To Deal With Wedding Day Dramas

There’s always some kind of drama that occurs on the day of the wedding. Considering this should be the happiest day of your life, why the hell should you have to deal with it? Sure, Great Aunt Sarah is sat next to Uncle Pete and they haven’t spoken for a decade, but let someone else deal with the fallout. Your job is to look bomb, have a blast, and drink a few too many champagnes.

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Be A Bride B*itch

Your mom thinks your color scheme is too modern. Your father-in-law-to-be believes it’s ridiculous to pay over $500 for a photographer. Your bridesmaids don’t like their shoes but they won’t contribute towards their preferred pair of designer peep-toes. Now is the only time in your life when you can cross your arms, dig in your heels, and not budge an inch. Your wedding day should be exactly how you imagine it. Who cares if your new nickname is Bridezilla? 

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Image Source: Margo & Me

Always Bank On More Cash Moneeeey

It’s inevitable that you’ll forget about added extras. So save more money than you’ve estimated! There’ll be something you’ll forget, added service charges, or your flower girl’s damn hair accessories. Save now to avoid entering married life with tons of debt. Because your student loan is enough debt for one lifetime, thanks!

Hire A Professional Bridesmaid

Did you know you actually can hire a professional bridesmaid? They take care of all the little things you and your gals might have forgotten about. Your bridal party should be your friends, not your minions, so let them enjoy themselves too by hiring a professional!

To all our future brides we hope we’ve enjoyed this wedding series. May your day go as smoothly as our Magic Mike references. Spread the love. 

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