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Thinx: Making Periods Cool

By Mia Ohlin
01 Jun 2016

The girl flu, surfing the crimson wave, code red, and the classic… “It’s that time of the month.”

Surely you know what we're talking about. And incase your clueless…it’s our period. Chill out. We said the P word. Get over it.

We’re embracing the most natural biological process in the world, so you should too! Why? Because periods are cool.

We’re talking about Thinx, the underwear that’s not just replacing a traditional product, but reinventing the way we use it. That’s right…period-proof underwear. And it’s so much better than you think!

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The concept is genius: antimicrobial, moisture wicking, leak-resistant, and absorbent.  Washable and reusable, the underwear comes in six different designs that vary in levels of absorbency and protection.

So you may be thinking…okay I’m essentially wearing a diaper. BUT in reality they’re sleek, chic and (the one time we want to be) perfectly basic. The flattering cuts, use of quality cotton and a little sexy lace trim make Thinx look like underwear you could happily put on everyday.

Thinx is an undergarment that has a sense of empowerment and justification. This is what’s ultimately compelling. You want to try them because you want to be a part of innovation and female empowerment! We’re taking back the period!

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The creators started the company to solve one very important problem: 100 million girls around the world are missing school because of their period! Yep we thought the same thing, “HOW?” Periods aren’t a new concept, people! 

So for every pair of Thinx you buy, funds are sent to AFRIpads, a foundation supporting women and girls in Uganda and training them to sew and sell reusable cloth pads.

You’re not only helping yourself but millions of girls around the world. Talk about female empowerment right?

If you’re still not curious, you’re lying to yourself.

And next time someone makes a comment about “PMSing,” own it. We’re in this together, and if you ask us…PMS makes you stronger.

I mean what guy has had to deal with the daily stress of life AND your body literally shedding its inner lining, with your emotions running like they’re a 13 year old…and did we mention we still manage to kill it?