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We Found Your New Year's Eve Dress

By ShopVenture
06 Dec 2016

New Year’s Eve is one of those holidays that you either love or loathe.


We can’t lie…here at ShopVenture, we secretly hate New Year’s Eve. Maybe it’s all that pressure to organize something amazing, find the perfect partner to kiss at midnight, prepare your New Year’s resolutions (and spend the night pretending you’re going to stick to them), and of course you have to be the best dressed at the party. Just all too much pressure, we say!


This year, we’re taking a stand against the pressure-filled New Year’s Eve and will just see where the night takes us! This also means paring down the crazy search for the perfect outfit. Instead of scouring the Internet for that one dress that you MUST have so that special someone will kiss you…blah…blah…blah…we’re making this simple with only two choices: Color and Length. Finally, a simple NYE decision!


So, without further ado, pick a Color and a Length, and just buy it. Who knows, maybe the one New Year’s resolution that you’ll actually be sticking to is always taking ShopVenture’s advice!




If you chose Red as your color, you know you’ll be too busy dancing up a storm at midnight to even think about the many people lining up to kiss you!

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MINI – We love Lulus Best is Yet to Come Backless Dress in Burgundy for $54

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MAXI – Swirl up a storm in the Leo dress by Fame and Partners for $199

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If you chose Black as your color, you know you’ll be sexying it up with a cocktail and your special someone in the corner of the bar when midnight hits.

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MINI – Rock The Jetset Diaries Basilica Slip Dress for $189

*Tip: This baby might be sold out on Revolve in black but you can buy it straight from TJD!



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MAXI – Get that smoldering look in Reformation’s Adeline Dress in Nix for $148

*Tip: Free worldwide shipping plus this wearing this dress is good for the environment!



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If you chose Gold as your color, you know you’ll be in the center of the room leading the countdown and cheers-ing everyone when the ball drops.

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MINI – Shine brighter than the Times Square ball with Lulus’ Kindred Spirit Two-piece dress for $47

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MAXI – Show some shoulder with the Shimmer & Shine Midi Dress from Threadsence for $62

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If you chose White as your color, you’re a classy broad. We know this, because we never wear white, as we always spill red wine on ourselves…fine…tequila.

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MINI – We love Endless Rose’s Sheer Lace Shirt Dress from Asos for $113

*Tip: Free shipping and returns as always with Asos



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MAXI – Ok, this is a fake maxi, but it never hurts to show a little leg in the Lovers + Friends Eternity Maxi for $91

*Tip: Over 50% OFF – buy it now or regret it forever!



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