ShopVenture Blog - Your 4th of July Summer (non)-Essentials

Your 4th of July Summer (non)-Essentials

By ShopVenture
10 Jun 2016

4th of July means beach, burgers and booze. We've already prepped with these five brands who will get you ready for whatever the long weekend brings. Ready for the loot? Here it is…our Summer (totally non-essential) Survival Kit.


Yes There’s A Trendy Towel, And You Need It

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The rectangle is out. The roundie is in. Instagram is in love with this new towel trend (never thought we’d use those two words together in a sentence), and honestly so are we. Our favorite is from New York based company, Bonita Beach. Their quirky pineapple roundie will keep you dry this 4th of July.

Got Wood?

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Woodies are bamboo sunglasses that are perfect for days spent in the water. How so? Bamboo floats, silly! No one wants to worry about their sunglasses sinking into the depths of the unknown. Trust us, our social media gal lost her Celine’s last July 4th and still hasn’t forgotten about it. Hopefully, you’ll learn from her mistake and only rock your woodies.

Feeling Floaty

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#Floaty will make you feel like a bada** as you float around and wait for the pool-boys (aka friends you beg) to bring you a drink. An inflatable unicorn is by far the most unnecessary item for summer, but yeah, we know you want it.

Hat Hair, Don't Care.

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No one wants to worry about their hair while partying poolside. So we’ve thrown in one of our favorite snapbacks from NYC based designer Caged Collective.  You'll look super stylish while hiding the fact that you haven't washed your hair all 4th of July weekend (does pool water count?). Now you can focus on the more important things in deciding on whether to eat a hot dog or cheeseburger. Who are we kidding, we’re having both.

One Hundred And One Bikinis

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A bikini that combines function and style…yes please! B. Side swimwear can be worn all different styles (maybe not 101, but you get the idea). This suit is perfect for your July 4th getaway.

And for those who aren’t the lucky winner of our bomb giveaway, check out our other ShopVenture swimwear faves.

Now that all your nitty, gritty summer shopping details are out of the way, you can get back to swiping right on Tinder...gotta prep that match for July 4th weekend right?