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Summer Shoes That Aren't F*&#ing Flip-Flops

By Sophie Zucker
06 Jun 2016

What’s that age-old saying? With great power comes great responsibility, and with 80-degree weather, comes great responsibility to your footwear? Eh it’s something like that. The sun is out, the birds are chirping, and your ankles are over-pronating because your flip-flops aren’t giving you enough arch support! Look, flip-flops are great and certainly serve a purpose. They’re the laid back shoe of summer, and they’re easy to slip on when you’re running late to a weird daytime coffee meet-up with a friend who you’d “swore you’d be on time for.”

But, let’s face it. Flip flops are basically just open-toed slippers that you can acceptably wear out in public. They’re not great for walking around, and they can be a little boring. Never fear, for ShopVenture has a couple alternatives that will come in handy this summer.


1. Jellies

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If you’re feeling an overwhelming sense of nostalgia over these babies, that makes two of us. In the late 90s, jellies were the choice of footwear for all elementary school-aged children. You could be the coolest kid in the sprinkler rocking a sparkly pair of these. The good news is jellies are 1) back in style and 2) come in adult sizes! Cheers to actively denying how old you’re getting, and doing it with a fashion statement. Jellies are open and airy, so your feet won’t get too hot, but have a tiny heel and buckle, so your feet feel a little more secure than they would in a regular pair of flip-flops. Take a stroll to your local ice-cream truck and compare colors with all the kids in your neighborhood. Or pair these with a cute skirt, a choker and a jean jacket, and really channel your inner 90s. The possibilities are endless. 


2. High Tops

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For some reason, June and July give women a new found confidence to wear all white. In our opinion, all white is dangerous year-round, and summer perhaps has more opportunity to spill/stain/destroy that gorgeous new pair of white overalls you just bought. But we get it…white is a summer color, or lack of color. It’s bright, it doesn’t heat up in the sun, and it goes with almost anything. The safest way to incorporate a pop of white into your outfit, without obsessively checking to make sure you didn’t sit in gum on the train again, is with a pair of white high tops. Cool, casual but also bold in how clean they are. They’ll make you feel cute, flirty and sporty, even if the most recent form of exercise you got was just putting these shoes on.


3. Dr. Martens

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We know you may be skeptical about a pair of heavy clunky boots in the summer. How will your feet breathe? What do you even need heavy boots for if there’s no snow (or, in NYC fashion, mushy ice)?! Hear us out. Summer fashion is compiled of so many flowy, thin garments that we like to balance the somewhat typical feminine side of summer clothing with a rocking pair of tough-as-nails boots. Plus, Doc Martens aren’t merely a summer shoe…you can wear them year-round! Think of them as an investment in your future. And a fun tip, if you wear thin socks, your feet barely get overheated!


 4. Platforms

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Ok, you’ve made it with us this far. You’ve endured our defense of sneakers, boots, and children’s shoes as alternatives to flip-flops. So, we’ll throw you a bone. What’s basically like a flip-flop, with a little more structure and height? Platforms. Platforms are for all you summer shoe purists out there, who want to show off your newest pedicure and let your feet embrace the summer air. Platforms function the same way flip-flops do, they’re solidly for 70-degree weather and up, and yet they have a little extra edge. They’re fun, they’re funky, and bonus, very easy to walk in! Give yourself an extra couple of inches and let your feet see the sunshine!


Flip-flops are not the only option for summer, why not try your hand (or foot) at any of the previously laid out alternatives. You can go old school with jellies, sporty-casual with high tops, don’t-mess-with-me vibes with boots, and fun and tall(er) in platforms. The possibilities are endless, y’all, your feet won't know what hit them.

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