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ShopVenture Zens Out With Yoga

By Saskia Starck
07 Jun 2016

So you may be wondering what the ShopVenture team like to do on their days off? It starts with a morning yoga class, followed by a cold pressed juice, before brunch with the gals at Balthazar. Well, that’s how we wish it started out… In reality, we're usually enjoying our next Shake-Shack burger and running off to work.

However…we aren’t wishful when it comes to yoga. Whether it’s to help cleanse the toxins from the weekday, de-stress or we just need a good stretch, yoga is our go-to activity.

If you type “best yoga classes” into Google, you are bombarded with a multitude of search results. So, where do you go to? Then there’s the dilemma of what tights to wear, or should you invest in your own mat? Well don’t stress, we've got you covered.


The Ultimate Yoga Scheduler

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Realistically, no one has time to sit down and sift through all the yoga studios online, or rather no one wants to…except, YogaTrail that is.

YogaTrail is an online yoga network connecting teachers, students, studios, and retreats. The perfect platform for finding yoga classes suited to your style, ability level, and location. Once you’ve found your favorites, you can follow your teachers around the city, customizing your own class schedule. Users can share their experiences and opinions to help others find the best classes…sound familiar? Just another example of how reviews work (cough, ShopVenture), but we digress...

These Tights Were Made For Yoga

Before you start booking in classes, you might want to stock up on some new yoga apparel…because everyone knows the most important part of yoga is having a sick pair of tights right? We’re currently rocking a selection of the prAna tights. Not only are they super comfortable, but the cut makes our butts look like we’ve been practicing yoga our whole lives! 

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Buy the Caraway tight from prAna here.

But seriously, prAna makes the stylish yoga pants that you can confidently wear all day long. They create sustainable clothing you can wear in every activity (other than yoga of course!), every adventure, every day. They focus on the details and aren't afraid to go bold - look at those colors and whimsical patterns! 

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Buy the Dreaming Top from prAna here

Aside from prAna, another favorite website for a selection of curated yoga brands is Down Dog Boutique. DDB brought together several small yoga manufacturers and in four short years, they've connected with over 50,000 yoga lovers all over the world! Pretty awesome right? 

We're loving this Splash Dye Yoga Pants (which coincidentally is their best seller, aren't we the experts!) that gives maximum mobility with a flared leg. Down Dog Boutique offer these beauties in plus sizes and extra tall so why don't you go buy one or two!

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Buy the Splash Dye Yoga Pants from Down Dog Boutique here

The Best Mat For Lying Down

Obviously, when practicing yoga, you do it on a mat. So why not invest in a good one? Manduka is highly regarded as THE mat for yogis…think of it as the Birkin bag of the yoga world…only way more affordable and you won’t be scared to walk it down the street.

Manduka is praised for its closed-cell surface, keeping sweat and moisture away from seeping into the mat! We say that's a good enough reason to buy this! Oh, they have it in pretty colors too - SOLD!

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Buy the Manduka Yoga Mat here.

Yoga For Dummies

For those who are too busy to even attend a class, that’s no excuse not to practice! We live in the age of the Internet where nearly everything can be taught online. We recommend – Do You Yoga. The website provides a range of online yoga classes that you can take any time of the day. Between meetings…yoga! Watching TV…yoga! Can’t sleep…get up and do yoga!

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When it comes down to it you don’t actually NEED all this stuff to practice. Yoga isn’t like SoulCycle, you won’t be shamed into reppin’ their “must have” merch.

Instead, yoga practice is all about zoning out and re-connecting with your body. So get your soon-to-be perky ass to some yoga classes. You’ll not only be getting a workout for your body but you’ll be working out that mind too. Anyone else feeling enlightened?

Header Image Source: Spiritual Gangster