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She Said, He Said, They Said: Androgynous Looks

By Sophie Zucker
13 Jun 2016

Gender is fluid y’ why can't your fashion be too? Make way for the androgynous trend. Part female, part male, part awesome. 

Now we're all about #girlpower but we recognize a little bit of female masculinity never killed anyone. So here are a few of our favorite androgynous pieces to complete the look.

Shoulder-Padded Jackets 

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Chosen, Jones Blazer ($189)

Shoulder pads are some of our favorite (read; only) 80’s pieces that have been brought back. They’re also a perfect example of co-opting a previously male trend into a female fashion statement. Shoulder pads have come to be synonymous with a non-traditional form of femininity. Sexy and powerful (I mean business) women everywhere rock them.


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Assembly New York, Crepe Simple Pant ($284)

Remember when it was socially unacceptable for women to wear pants? Crazy times! No TBT for those lame societal norms. So we’ve taken it one step further…not only can we wear pants, we can wear men’s pants. Hallelujah. Nothing says, ‘take that!’ like a pair of traditionally male trousers. They’re tailored for a reason (meant to accentuate and elongate your legs). Ha…who ever thought these were for guys? 

Jean Vest

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R13, Denim Vest Junkie White ($235)

Men aren’t the only people who can rock a trucker lifestyle. I mean statistically, sure, but fashion-wise everyone could use a piece of androgynous denim. Our pick? The short sleeved denim vest. You’ll look tough, and you might even act tough. You don’t have to worry about getting it dirty because, hey, aren’t you not supposed to wash denim anyway?

Classic Button-Up

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Shirtini, The White Boyfriend Shirt ($142) - Image Source:

We’re not even sure these count as an androgynous piece any more, since button ups are the new t-shirts and collars are the new necklaces. But we put them on the list because we love them so much! Let’s get straight to the point. Buttons are sexy on everyone! Yeah, they take a little extra time in the morning, but the result is worth it. A shirt fitted to your body that can go with anything from jeans, trousers, and little black skirts. Put some business casual into your step with a classic button up.

Wide-Legged Shorts

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Tibi, All Over Sequins Shorts ($375) - Image Source:

High-waisted jean shorts are great, but let’s face it, overplayed. Want some variety? Try a wide-legged short…you’ll look like a hip librarian who’s out for the summer, or a yung’ female Indiana Jones. These fabric shorts are not only more comfortable than jean shorts, but add a little traditional masculinity to your outfit. They’re flattering, and they’re original.


Androgyny is the name of the game this season, and we’re all about promoting it. So take any of the following pieces and incorporate them into your everyday looks. Who says you gotta define who you are? Who says the definition of who you are has to stay constant every day? Speak your gender truth, says ShopVenture. 

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