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Fashion Accessories For Any Wardrobe Malfunction

By Min Yong
03 Aug 2015

I was at my pilates class yesterday and while doing some heel lifts on the reformer, something was distracting me. I tried my best to look away from my trainer, but the ‘womanly shape’ (aka camel toe) in her tight pants was just too hard to miss. I couldn't help but think that it really stood out in hot pink and surely it must be uncomfortable..? Thinking beyond her situation, it made my look down to make sure I wasn't a victim myself!

Ah, the woes of being a woman. Not only do we have to wear clothes that flatter our body shape but we have to contend with ‘fixing’ imperfections deemed a big deal in our mind, though ridiculously unimportant in the real world.

Being a woman is tough but thankfully, a few geniuses around the world have answered our prayers with their wonderful (life-changing) inventions. Call these what you will, these 11 products can literally save any tight, loose and embarrassing situation.

Camel Toe Covered

Camel no panties shopventure1

Let’s address The camel-toe. Apparently guys don't mind it, it sends their imaginations wild similar to the elusive side boob but for women seeing it, you may get some awkward glares. Maybe you're into that, but hear me ladies, a genius in the US has come up with a winning product. The Camel-No has an in-built silicone panel that learns about your lower ‘curves’ and moulds accordingly making the dreaded ‘W’ a thing of the past. Apparently in the first day of sales, 30,000 women jumped to buy a pair. Camel-Toe-no-more!

Shop the Camel No collection HERE

Bye-bye Toe Cleavage

Toe cleavage cover shopventure

Yep, you heard me. You can walk away from your toe-cleavage woes with Lingerie for Toes from Voet Hosiery. You’re long-toes will thank you from saving them the heartache of prying eyes. These lacy designs that come in so many cute colours give your feet and shoes the positive attention they deserve. 

Shop for Lingerie for Toes HERE

Thanks Spanx

Spanx review shopventure

Now to solve those lumpy situations, we have one word – Spanx. While we all wish we had the body and metabolism of a 21-year old model, we don’t. But thanks to Spanx, loose waist-lines are replaced with sinched-in midsections and dimply thighs squished to smooth pins. Spanx, you really are our best-friend in shapewear.

Shop for Spanx HERE

Underarm Pads Keep You Dry

Armpit pads review shopventure

Multitasking as a woman can be a treacherous task especially when it involves physically running around town trying to do errands. Sweat gets you in the end. Thankfully the smart folks behind Odor Tags keep you smelling your best.

Shop for Odor Tags HERE

Fresh Pits Any Time 

Sweat block reviews shopventure

For you ladies who don’t want to have a pad shoved into your top or are rocking a sleeveless number, then underarm wipes will be your gal pal. Sweat Block is an antiperspirant wipe that stops excessive underarm sweating for up to 7-days with just one wipe. Better yet, it is doctor recommended. Wow! Wave hello to summer as your pits will be fresh and will stay that way.

Shop for Sweat Block Wipes HERE

Fake Fuller Hips

Love my bubbles review shopventure

If you weren't gifted with Marilyn Monroe’s hour-glass figure, why don’t you just fake hips fuller? The smarties at Love My Bubbles bring us these stick on hip pads that help to plump up our lady curves.

Shop for Sticky Hips HERE


Be Bootilicious 

Booty bra review shopventure

Age and gravity – why do you have to be so cruel? It happens to all of us, our once incredible derriere's start to plummet south (and stay that way) unless we spend countless hours doing lunges and squats. We're digging this full range of booty bras that allow us to regain our confidence from behind. Move over JLo!

Shop for Booty Bras HERE

Avoid The Strap Slap

Comfy straps review shopventure

Why did we decide to invest in those sexy satin bras when the straps ALWAYS slide now? Yes they look sensual but having to constantly reach down through your collar and do that awkward strap slap, not so sexy. Rather than giving the bra a toss in the bin, spend $18.50SGD on comfy straps which keep them in place all day and night, literally.

Shop for Comfy Straps HERE

Keep Rocking Your Favorite Jeans

Jean extender review shopventure

Your favourite pair of jeans were probably from when you were 25, right? Since then, everything has kind of changed, especially our body. Unless you were rocking ultra-skinny jeans, fret not for you can extend the waistline by up to 5-inches. Typically a popular product for pregnant women, the 5-Pant Extender button allows you to keep those pants you can’t part with and rock them once again in the next decade.

Shop for Pant Extenders HERE

Put An End To VPL

Stick on panties review shopventure

Some materials can be unforgiving by showing every crease and curve of your body. If you’re night out involves an outfit that exposes more than usual or you just don’t want to have a visible panty line, think peel-and-toss strapless panties. They basically stick to you and keep your privates, well, private! The strapless panty has become a huge hit amongst celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Upton and Chrissy Teigan to name a few.

Shop for Peel and Toss Strapless Panties HERE

Turn On The High Beams

Sticky nipples review shopventure

And lastly, not that we want to raise attention but according to Pop Crunch , ‘packing tic tacs’ is a “captivating phenomenon… where the whole world stops and stares”. If you’re into that kind of thing, check out the brilliant invention that is Faux Nipples. Stick out among the masses, it says on its website. So interesting…. Even the fabulous ladies of Sex and the City thought so! Watch This hilarious clip, you’ll be running for a pair after it. 

Shop for your Faux Nipples HERE

Now ladies, it’s up to you. No matter whether you’re wearing your favorite sports wear, donning a power work suit or painting the town red, you look perfect in your own way. But if something is bothering you, it’s just an accessory away. It’s our little secret.