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Why We Love Rompers

By Julie dePontbriand
06 Jan 2015

Whether you call them rompers, playsuits or jumpers, this sexy trend isn’t going anywhere fast! From casual to classy, rompers can work from day to night and work to play.

Check out ShopVenture’s favorites for this hot number, and happy shopping!

Lovers and Friends

Lovers and friends shopventure reviews

Cascade Romper in Ivory

Available at Lovers and Friends for $168 USD


Mishkah fashion shopventure reviews

Kaleidoscope Playsuit in Pastel Rose

Available at Mishkah for $60 AUD

Verge Girl

Vergegirl shopventure reviews

Fauna Feaver Romper

Available at Verge Girl for $79 AUD


Shoproylie shopventure reviews

Strike Out Romper

Available at Royalie for #30 USD

Bikini Bird

Bikini bird shopventure reviews

Cleobella Phoebe Playsuite in Batik

Available at Bikini Bird for $80 USD

Stone Cold Fox

Stone cold fox shopventure reviews

Love Jumper in Garden Print

Available at Revolve for $275 USD