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OOTD Influencer: Flora Isabelle

By Chloe Wong
17 Feb 2016
So you’ve booked your flight to that dream destination you’ve worked so hard for (and saved up all that leave too), picked out your ideal accommodation and planned out  your itinerary  to the finest details. Details down to where to get that gorgeous-looking rainbow bagel (yes it does exist) featured in numerous travel blogs, to make the most out of your trip.


Everything seems perfect, and then it hits you. You haven’t packed! Packing is probably the most dreaded part of travelling for everyone – We all know how tedious packing can get, and even more so, how hard it can be to travel in style. (Read our 9 tips on traveling in style here)


The lack of luggage space, last-minute packing and that occasional brain jam leaves us terribly fickle-minded such that we end up packing that pair of only-worn-once-will-probably-never-wear-again jeans… (Gasp!) All these factors add up to undesirable travel #ootd photos - definitely not what we first envisioned. And what’s a holiday if we can’t even look good in the photos that will serve to feed our wanderlust tendencies when we aren’t on holiday?


But it doesn’t always have to be this tough – shares blogger and Instagram personality Flora Isabelle. Flora has got it all figured out when it comes to travelling in style. She’s an avid traveller that not only wows us with her spellbinding travel photos that includes the best places to eat and must-do experiences, but also with her classy and modern fashion sense. This fashionista’s favourite brands include ASOS, H&M and ClubCouture. Check out her review on ASOS here

Shopventure ootd blogpost flora 2

Flora stands out among commuters on the streets of Osaka, Japan in this black and white dress from ClubCouture. When she travels, a versatile black dress that can take her anywhere from casual to work to fancy is a definite must in her packing list. And if space allows it, a wide-brimmed hat makes the perfect travel accessory to polish up any chic ensemble.  

Shopventure ootd blogpost flora 3

Having stayed In Thailand for a few years before moving back to Singapore, Flora says those years in Thailand were the best and often travels to her second motherland. Here, Flora twirls gracefully in a striped blue flared dress from Forever 21 that goes flawlessly with the dreamy, pastel hues of Northern Thailand’s landscape. 

Shopventure ootd blogpost flora 1

Flora standing in front of a museum of great architectural beauty in Northern Thailand in a simple, but elegant red dress. A classy piece of clothing – another must-have for visiting places rich in culture and history.

Shopventure ootd blogpost flora osaka

As someone who loves to travel, Flora chooses her holiday destinations not just based on the seasons, but also looks out for ongoing exciting and cultural festivals. Sometimes it's a spur of the moment decision. The all too familiar, subconscious omg-I-want-a-holiday-now thoughts can hit home and somehow we find ourselves searching for the next flight to Japan. Likewise, there are times when Flora just feels like it, so she packs her bags and well, hello Japan! Now isn’t that thrilling? And Flora’s expression shows it all - she is all ready to take on her next adventure in an equally stunning white and cobalt dress, flared mid-thigh for a flattering silhouette from ClubCouture.

Follow Flora on Instagram @floraisabelle, find her on Facebook, or read her blog for more travel and style inspiration. You’ll definitely be on your way to traveling with style on your next holiday.