ShopVenture Blog - Online Shopping Failures Part One
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Online Shopping Failures Part One

By Min Yong
06 May 2015

The day has finally come... your online shopping order has arrived! You tear open the box, rip open the packaging and think to yourself... "Wait a second, this doesn't look like what I ordered!" 

Yes, we have all experienced this 'teat yo self' gone wrong. A horrible online shopping failure with bridesmaids dresses is why we began ShopVenture in the first place!

So every now and then we like to look back on some of the horrors of the online shopping world. And warn our fellow shoppers to #ShopSmarter by writing reviews! Just sayin’

The Little Black Dress Gone Wrong!

Shopventure littleblackdress online shopping failure
Okay so we get that showing a little leg can be sexy, but this one shows a little too much of... you know... everything?

Shopventure online shopping failure white dress
$25 is not a bad deal, but no matter what the price, fraying threads and (spider) beading isn’t our style. Affordable prices should not equal bad quality clothes! 

Shopventure online shopping failure xl shirt
We love a slouchy, over-sized shirt (cue our T-Shirt dress obsession). Unfortunately, that's not what we got here! Somehow one-size-fits-all now means that you have to be below 5 feet 100 lbs? 

Shopventure online shopping failure sheer shirt

We're convinced that this is a different top completely! At least they got the straps right…    

Make a change! Read reviews before making a purchase and rate your shopping experiences. Sign up today! We’re now going to do some quality online shopping… need to rid our minds of these horrors. Net A Porter anyone?