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New Year, New You

By Min Yong
21 Jan 2016
Fashion, Beauty and Travel Resolutions to Make in 2016

Happy New Year, shoppers! 

While you may or may not have officially recovered from the numerous New Year’s parties, the year is going to be an exciting one. This world will mark the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, the Queen of England turns 90, it will be 10 years since Amazon bought over ShopBop, and closer to home, local online shopping powerhouse Love, Bonito turns 10. 

2016 marks several momentous occasions, but how about for you? What changes do you want to make this year that will make a mark in your life?

We hear you! We don’t just want to give you yet another boring list of new years resolutions that you will forget about within a month. We want to give you the resources and know-how to achieve a better year on your fashion, beauty and travel fronts. 

Fashion and Shopping

Invest In Pieces You Love

Invest in great pieces you truly, madly, deeply love and know you’ll get many wears out of. Don’t just buy items because they are on sale or purchase pieces where you don’t know when you’ll ever get to wear. Don’t believe us? Upon spring cleaning, what are the items you usually throw out first? More often than not, you toss the ‘what was I thinking when I bought that’ items that were either impulse buys or on sale.

Stop wasting your precious bills and think before you buy.

Recycle And Reinvent

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For those pieces you do love and that look good on you, play with new ways to transform the ensemble and give yourself a fresh look. It’s all about experimenting. Pair items with different shoes, handbags, accessories and even a different hairstyle and attitude.

We love Elle Magazine’s take on transforming this cute print dress into 7 different, and adorable we might add, looks. We love Monday’s #GirlBoss day the best! 

Be Bold, Wear Colors

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2016 should be the year of colours and patterns, we say! Black, greys and whites be gone, introduce some bold new pantones to your daily wear.

According to the color gods at InStyle magazine, the Top 10 Spring 2016 Colors set to make a splash this year are: buttercup yellow, fiesta red, green flash, iced coffee, lilac grey, limpet shell, peach echo, rose quartz, serenity blue and snorkel blue.

Never be afraid to don some of these colors before you leave in the morning because mixing up your hues is the easiest way to update your image. 

Read Reviews 

New you online shopping read reviews shopventure

Before you shop online, always read reviews on ShopVenture to find the best online shops to buy from and which ones to avoid. Our shoppers from all around the world have been active in sharing their experiences by posting what they thought they bought and what they actually received. If you haven't read our Online Shopping Fail Part 1 or Part 2 you're missing out. Pay it forward ladies, share your reviews and help other shoppers make more informed shopping decisions! 

Search For Promo Codes

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And when you do find what you’re looking for, spend a few minutes hunting for promo/discount codes from around the web. 5, 10 and if you’re lucky 20% Off goes a long way in cutting your shopping bill down! 

Be sure to check out ShopVenture’s new Sales page too where we update you with regular sales and discount codes from your favourite stores like Luxola, Mega Fash, Fashion Bunker and more. Shorts and dress showcased here from Blk+Blu, they're having a great sale too. You’re welcome!


Invest More Time In Getting Ready 

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Between preparing your (or the family's) breakfast, to getting ready for work, we get it - mornings mean madness. 

Wake up an extra 20 minutes earlier each morning to give yourself more time to slow down and get ready. How you choose to spend that, i.e. longer shower, pick out something fabulous to wear, apply that extra coat of mascara or just primp your hair up that little bit more, will make you feel better when you leave your front door in the morning.

Try A New Cult Product

Skin inc cult products shopventure

While you may have your go-to brand of skincare and cosmetics you’ve been using forever, experiment with new products this year. Whether that be a new beauty elixir, eyeliner or hair product, you owe it to yourself to mix up your regime and benefit from your beauty upgrade. 

If you don’t know where to start, check out our list of 10 cult products loved by celebrities and beauty junkies the world over. 

New Hairstyle  

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Whether you’ve been sporting the same hairstyle for ages or just feel the need for a change, the easiest way is to visit your hairdresser for some scissor-action. Go in with some ideas of what you want and if he/she is any good at his job, he will give you his honest opinions on whether it will suit you or offer suggestions on what will work for your mane. 

And not that you haven’t noticed, several of the world’s leading ladies have been sporting the “Universal Haircut” touted as the hairstyle that suits every face shape, hair type and age. If you don’t believe us, you can read more about the Universal Haircut from one of Singapore’s top Beauty Bloggers, Renee Lorentzen, on how this style looks amazing on everyone and is versatile. 

*Pssst, if you have flat Asian hair (like me) be prepared to keep your curling iron handy every morning.

Sleep And Exercise More

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You’re no stranger to hearing this each and every year but adequate sleep and exercise plays an important role in your physical health. 

According to the Sleep Foundation Org, people aged 18-25 years old should sleep between 7-9 hours a day, and for adults over 65, the sleep range is between 7-8 hours. The sleep authority encourages us to ‘make sleep a priority’ and offers these tips to have a better night's rest: stick to a sleep schedule (even on weekends), practice a relaxing bedtime ritual, evaluate your bedroom to ensure ideal temperature, sound and light, sleep on a comfortable mattress and pillows, beware of hidden sleep stealers like alcohol and caffeine and most importantly, turn off electronics (phones and iPads) before bed.  Just sayin’!

As for exercise, aim to get at least 2.5 hours a week of exercise, whatever it is. If you’re into yoga, running, boot camps or tennis, as long as you’re doing something active, your body will thank you. 


Be An Explorer 

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We’ll keep this one short as everyone has their own versions of where they want to go and what they want to do. But the key thing about travel is to venture to new places and try different experiences. Make 2016 about ticking at least one destination off your bucket list whether that be a holiday to the beautiful shores of Brazil’s Ipanema or a short plane ride to a remote part of Thailand, let’s say. 

For travel inspirations, we love The Lonely Planet’s Travel Inspirations which offer you a new city to check out every day or allow yourself to discover inspirations based on categories such as art and culture, adventure,  budget travel, family holidays, romance (yes!) and many more. And if you do go for a long trip, don’t forget to pack appropriately with these 9 must-have travel accessories

Travel opens your eyes to different cultures, food, people and landscapes, and you may also make some friends along the way. Even if an overseas holiday is out of reach this year, make a point to visit new spots and pockets in your city and soak it all in. 

At ShopVenture, despite our efforts to bottle up our success in 2015, we have an even better year ahead of us in 2016. More shoppers sharing their personal experiences and reviews, more giveaways and more features to make online shopping even better for you so stay tuned. 

Here’s our list but ultimately, love, be happy, appreciate the big and small wins in life and make the most of every day in 2016. We’d love to hear what your resolutions are, share yours with us in our comments section below. 2016, bring it on!