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What’s Inside the Box? 🎁

By ShopVenture
29 Nov 2016

What’s better than getting a gift that you love? Getting a new version of it each month! That’s right, we’re talking gift subscriptions. You know, “The gift that keeps on giving!”

The world of subscriptions has definitely changed from the days of Crafting Magazines and Wine of the Month Clubs. We’re positive that you could find almost anything you want in a monthly subscription form, really, anything! In fact, we’re going to introduce you to, dare we say, a whole family of subscriptions that will fill the need of everyone on your holiday check list.

1. “The Mirror Hog” (GLOSSYBOX)

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Be it your sister or roommate, we’re pretty sure you have a mirror hog in your life, and if you live in New York like we do, you probably have two or three of them! (Don’t judge, rent’s expensive!) ShopVenture’s pick? GLOSSYBOX! Each month they’ll send a box to 5 travel sized beauty products from only the best and most chic name brand cosmetics from around the world. This box is a guaranteed win for any makeup aficionado! 

*Warning: gifting this box may result in added wait time for your morning shower.

2. “The Sweet Tooth” (Candy Club)    

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Uhhh....would you like some pancakes with that syrup? This friend’s favourite Disney song is “A Spoon Full of Sugar”, and they took it more as directions than a catchy tune. Help them indulge their refined sugary taste with a monthly subscription box from the Candy ClubNot only will they receive a delicious selection of candy straight to their doorstep, but they will no longer have to make stops at Costco to get the family sized packs of their favourite sugary fix. 

*Warning: may cause sugar rush resulting in higher energy levels and emotional sugar crashes.

3. “The Boozer” (Mouth)

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This friend is always the life of the party, until they're not. Not usually the first to the party, but they’re definitely the ones who quickly turn a broom into a limbo pole. For these fun friends we suggest Mouthwhere you can pick from a selection of Gin, Whiskey, Vodka or Wine. Each month this fun friend will open a full sized bottle of their chosen poison! 

*Warning: this may result in a premature formation of a cha-cha line.💃

4. “The DD” (Has Been Coffee)

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This friend my not be the life of the party, but they’re a godsend in another way. They’re awake before you and stay up to drive you home at the end of your ‘night out’. The DD’s are a rare unicorn, and when you find one you must keep them, and keep them happy. Our suggestion? Give them the gift of energy, consciousness and caffeine through the Has Been Coffee subscription box. Each week they’ll be delivered a new variety of delicious awakening beans. 

*Warning: this may result in even earlier morning wake-up calls. 

5. “The Hipster” (Farm to People)

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Get this one while it’s still cool, people. If you can’t think of a Hipster friend or family member then it’s probably you. Farm to People boasts how carefully they choose their “artisanal" and “sustainable” products that are sure to rock their overly patterned socks right off! Their boxes include anything from Ostrich Jerky to Goat Milk Caramels. (Yup this confirms it; we are not hipsters.) 

*Warning: gifting this box may result in the growth of a handlebar mustache.

6. “The Worldly One” (Try the World)

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Did your friend do an exchange program in university and won’t stop talking about how boring it is to be home? We get it, we get it! You’re “cultured”. For these globetrotter friends, ShopVenture presents Try The Worlda monthly subscription box each delivery representing a new country and its national delicacies. 

*Warning: this may cause nostalgia and result in excessive story telling of ‘the good ol’ days’.

7. “The Disaster” (MeUndies)

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This is the one that you (and your parents) are praying isn’t directed at you. The Disaster, the I’d-forget-my-head-if-it-wasn’t-attached-to-my-shoulders-friend, the one you don’t really want to introduce to your new boyfriend, or family, or friends from home, or…the list goes on. 

There’s one in every group, the ones you’re not quite sure if they know the difference between the washing machine and dishwasher (because let’s be honest, they’ve never used either). Well fear no more, there’s even a subscription box for them! Though it won’t actually do their laundry, MeUndies will see to it that each month, they have new clean undies delivered straight to their doorstep. Even The Disaster can’t mess this up.

Cover Image from Glossy Box