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The hottest new lingerie designer for The Modern Woman

By ShopVenture
15 Jan 2017

As a woman, there’s one thing that we put on every single day that can make or break the next 24 hours. If you guessed lingerie, you’ve got it right.


Gone are the days of squeezing ourselves into pumped up, padded and muffin-top inducing skivvies. Women everywhere are finding empowerment in our lingerie choices, and MARY YOUNG is leading the charge.


MARY YOUNG’s self-named brand is changing the way we look at lingerie, and at our own bodies. A quick look at the brand’s Instagram showcases stunning shots of women of all shapes and sizes, loving their lives and their bodies while rocking her pieces.


The brand’s lingerie and loungewear is made from jerseys, knits and soft elastics, the love handles’ best friend. High-waisted thongs, cozy lounge pants and bralettes with feminine cut-outs feature soft fabric that move with your body, not restrict it. There’s not a single underwire in sight, and women everywhere couldn’t be more thrilled.


There’s no better time to celebrate your body with a MARY YOUNG piece than Valentine’s Day, a time traditionally known for promoting lacy, frilly neon pink lingerie. Don’t worry, we know you’re better than that.


We promise, after 24 hours in a MARY YOUNG set, your mind, body and soul with thank you…but mostly your love handles while you eat a box of chocolate. Hey, not all Valentine’s Day traditions have to go!