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Beauty Hacks To Revive Your Make-Up

By Jennifer McGeever
12 Nov 2015

We’ve all been there - You are getting ready for a night-out and then *SMASH* you clumsily dropped your make up powder/bronzer/blush/eye shadow! Your rather expensive and much loved make-up is in tiny pieces all over the floor (or in worst cases spills into your entire bag covering everything with bluish-brown colored shades!). Before you start screaming and ‘bleeping’ on the fallen make-up pieces, we’ve got the solution for you! We’ve uncovered some need-to-know beauty solutions to revive any broken, run out or ruined make-up products. 

The Beauty Spatula

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Whether it’s your perfect match foundation or silky soft body moisturiser, some products come in packaging so poorly designed that even when you can see there’s plenty left, you just can’t reach it! Depending on the material used to package, we’ve got two hacks for you to try out. For glass bottles (which a lot of foundations come in) purchase a cheap beauty spatula (they usually come in a silicone material) and swipe up every last drop! For tubes and soft plastic packaging, grab a sharp pair of scissors and cut the tube in half, you’ll then be able to access and decant out every smidgen of serum left, savvy and smart!

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Hello Cling Wrap

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Cracked your favourite face powder? You’ll fall in love with this repurposing trick for the more clumsy amongst us.

For the crumbled powder palette grab yourself some cling film wrap and a bottle of isopropyl alcohol. Gather all the smashed pieces of powder that you can back into the pan and then wrap the cellophane around it. Use your fingers and break up the pieces into a fine powder beneath the wrap. Unwrap the palette and add drops of the alcohol until the concoction becomes a liquid. Next, use a mini spatula (see first photo) to smooth the mixture into the palette and leave to dry. Once it’s dry, voila, your powdered foundation or eyeshadow palette will be good as new!

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Quick Melt Down

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For the broken lippie bullet, use a small knife or sharp instrument to carve out all the remaining lipstick, and together with the broken end of the bullet (if it’s not covered in dirt and dust) melt the product in a microwavable bowl for 10 seconds until it liquefies. Make sure you have a used, empty lip balm or Chap Stick container on hand and pour the liquid into it, then wait for it to cool. Once it’s had its cool down, your lipstick will be ready to use, albeit in slightly less luxe packaging!

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Light It Up

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Still for the lipsticks-lovers - sometimes our lipsticks get jumbled in our little bags and falls off of their caps leaving them broken in the middle. Before you decide to chunk it away, get a lighter and melt both ends. Re-attach the two pieces and smoothen out with the back of a small teaspoon. Place in the refrigerator for an hour.

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Saline To The Rescue!

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Do you have a creamy eyeshadow or blusher that’s not quite as dreamy as it used to be? Don’t throw it out just yet! Add a few drops of saline solution (Contact lens solution contain this too!) to the make-up in question and mix it in with a cotton bud. This nifty trick will renew moisture without ruining the pigment or staying power of your product!

For twice the fun, salvage your dried out mascara too with a couple of drops of your saline solution. Do note that it is recommended not to keep mascara beyond 3-5 months so drying up may have been because of where you store your make-up stash. 

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Hope you were able to salvage your favorite beauty buys with these quick and easy tips. They'll surely be glad that you are giving them a second life. 

Happy DIY Make-up recovery!