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Local Eclectic: The Go-To Site For Indie Jewelry

By Kali Borovic
10 Apr 2016

If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind indie jewelry without the road trip, then Local Eclectic is the site for you. In just three years, the Chicago-based company has redefined the e-commerce market and is becoming the it-place to shop emerging jewelry designers. Whether you’re looking for everyday statement pieces, the perfect ceremony piece, or something in-between, we can guarantee you’ll be happy with this site.  Founder Alexis Nido-Russo works hard to bring new pieces every week that you will be instantly obsessed with, from a wide array of designers located throughout the country.

Shopventure local ecclectic cuff indie jewelry blog

Rugged Cuff Bracelet ($96)

Once you start looking at the site, we can guarantee that you’ll be there all day. The online collection of wearable art has everything from crystal cuffs to daintily designed one of a kind piece. Each piece of jewelry is not only handmade but crafted with the best materials possible, making this the go-to site for indie jewelry. Nido-Russo constantly scours over independent designers, travels to local boutiques, and goes to trade shows in search of the top designers from around the country. We think it’s safe to say that it’s paying off. With a large selection of rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, she somehow manages to find unique pieces that have never been seen before.

“I look for designers who stop me in my tracks and make me say, ‘wow, I’ve never seen anything like this before’,” said Nido-Russo. “That’s what gets me really excited.”

Shopventure local ecclectic bangles indie blog

Netflix. Nachos. Naps ($38)

She’s not exaggerating either because you will be stopped in your tracks by each one of the pieces on the site. From “Netflix. Nachos. Naps.” trendy gold bangles to stunning hand-crafted engagement rings, this online shop has it all. The only problem with the site is how hard it is to decide on just one piece! As time goes on, Nido-Russo says that the company is getting even more selective with their jewelry picks to make sure they’re getting new pieces that no one has seen before while still maintaining affordability.

Shopventure local ecclectic mayan earrings indie blog

Mayan Earrings ($125)

“Our goal is to be the place for women to shop from emerging jewelry designers online so it’s important for us to show a variety of styles and price points in order to accurately reflect the landscape of jewelry designers working in the industry today,” Nido-Russo said. “It’s also important for us to make handcrafted jewelry accessible, we’ll never be able to compete with the prices of jewelry that is being mass produced but we do have pieces that start at under $40.”

Shopventure local ecclectic pyrite bracelets indie blog

Pyrite Swing Cuff ($60)

Local Eclectic is so fabulous that’s it’s almost crazy to think that they ever did anything besides rounding up the best handmade jewelry throughout the company. When the site started in November of 2013, they were selling everything from home goods to clothing to accessories. Since then, Nido-Russo has decided to narrow it down to exactly what her customers wanted most — jewelry. And boy, are they doing it well.

Shopventure local eclectic orbita earrings indie jewelry blog

Orbita Earrings ($160)

On top of having fabulous designers, thoughtful collaborations, and top-notch materials, Local Eclectic is also powered and built completely by female entrepreneurs. That’s girl-power to the absolutely fullest!


Shopventure local ecclectic nido russo jewelry blog

“This wasn’t necessarily a goal when I launched the company but it’s something I’m really proud of now,” said Nido-Russo. “Eighty percent of our expenses are going to hardworking, creative and stupidly talented women across the country! And I love that we are a business that allows like-minded women to continue doing what they love!”

Between the girl power and the trendy, constantly changing pieces on the site, there’s no online jewelry shop out there quite like Local Eclectic. We’re willing to bet that this online shop will end up in your virtual bookmarks in no time.

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