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Summer's Never Over with Kulani Kinis

By ShopVenture
17 Oct 2016

Winter is coming...and while you might be skipping down the street with your pumpkin spice latte today, in another few months you’ll be knee deep in snow.


The only thing that gets us through the dredges of slush-filled winter is the promise of a plane ticket to some tropical location…seriously, by that point anywhere sunny will be fine with us. The tough part? Finding summer clothes when all the shops are selling are hats, mittens and furry boots! (Ok ok, #firstworldproblems).


We’ve at least got you covered in the swimwear department with our all-time fave bikini brand, Kulani KinisKulani Kinis started because of the need for an affordable swimwear alternative. Founder, Danielle Atkins was floored when she realized she was spending almost $100 for a teeny tiny triangle top.


Thanks to Atkins’ drive and ingenuity, she launched Kulani Kinis with her partner Alex Babich, and the answer to the $100 triangle top was borne.

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What we love: Reversible, full coverage or cheeky bottoms, adjustable tops, sexy one-pieces, and their bright patterns and prints celebrate each wearers’ unique style and personality.


They seriously have a swimsuit for every shape, size and style, but they’re more than just a bikini brand. Kulani Kinis is a fair trade and ethical brand going against the norms of fast fashion. Their goal is to make great clothes to help women feel empowered in their own skin, and if you peruse their Instagram, blog articles, or read any of their 50 reviews on ShopVenture, you’ll see their positive vibes shining through.


Our favorite is their motto, “Sun-kissed and salty”. Already day dreaming of that beach vacation, aren’t you?

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