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Basics For The Not So Basic

By Sophie Zucker
22 Jun 2016

For years, mothers have been passing on the same advice to their daughters; fill your closet with mostly basics, and splurge on some wild color-crazy pieces for those extra special ‘nights out’.

It’s a good call…finding clothes that you can wear in endless variety is not only cost-effective, but also time-effective and makes you seem more put together than you actually are. But just because these pieces are basics, doesn’t mean they have to be basic. Here are a couple of must-have staples from our favorite basic (and sustainable) brand, Kotn.

The High Neck Tank

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The High-neck Tank ($18)

This is a classic take on the basic tank top, but with a more interesting, defined neckline. Perfect for showing off those shoulder muscles we know you’ve been working extra hard on now that it’s bikini season. Shoulders are the windows to the soul? Right?

The Tunic

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The Tunic ($35)

Little black T-shirt be gone! We’re in tunic territory now…plain, simple, but with a little more elegance thanks to its elongated structure. Get over your preconceived notions of Medieval Times and embrace the tunic. They’ve modernized it, we swear!

The Raglan Sweatshirt

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Raglan Sweatshirt ($75)

You don’t need a boyfriend to be able to cozy up in a men’s sweatshirt. This one’s super soft, and has a cute crew neck for all those boating outings you’re “planning on attending” this summer.

Psst a portion of Kotn proceeds go to providing free education to young children in rural areas of the Nile Delta region. The aim is to revitalize the declining Egyptian Cotton Industry.

Which means, you’re not only helping yourself but more importantly a struggling industry. So get your basic on, without being quite so basic.