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Introducing The Virtual Stylist

By Mia Ohlin
17 Jun 2016

“I desperately need new clothes but I don’t have time to shop!”

Preach it sister! Do we really ever have time to shop? There has to be an easier way to get a fashion fix. Because beyond the enjoyment, creative release and sweet joy some of us may find in shopping… there is always a feeling of stress.

Don’t we all have recollections of those annoying sales assistants ‘trying to sell you 10 more things you don’t want/high-pitched fake voice/totally missing the brief’?

We give you the invisible, the anonymous…virtual stylist. The one that listens to your wish list and creates a collection of goodies tailored to your style preferences. But wait it gets better. These perfectly curated items are packaged up and delivered directly to your door. 

The Concept (In A Nutshell)

1. Fill out the details of your size, body type, style, etc. and sign up to the service.

2. Your virtual stylist (aka fashionistas working out of an expansive product closest) will create a goodie-box of fashion just for you.

3. Box is delivered, you get all the feels, and select what you want to keep or return.

4. You pay for what you keep (like the mini bar at a hotel) and send back what you don’t.

SIGN ME UP! Here are two of our fav virtual services we think you should try.

Tailored For The Ultimate Boss-B*itch

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Brand and online store MM.Lafleur is ‘taking the work out of dressing for work.’ We’re talking high-quality, office-appropriate clothing, at an accessible price point. A personal collection of four to six pieces is selected in the form of a Bento Box (um marketing genius much…we love sushi) and delivered to your door in all its cuteness.

MM.LaFleur offer a once-off service as the products are wardrobe staples...but why wouldn't you order again when there is a brand and concept working together so well?

And did we mention the creative director was the former head designer of Zac Posen. Soooo we’re going to look like Zac Posen models…enough said.

Don’t Be Fooled By The Rocks That I Got

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Rocksbox is a miracle for jewelry lovers, designed as a subscription rather than a 'send and buy box'. Which means when you sign up you pay a small monthly membership fee giving you access to three pieces of jewelry to rent for as long as you want! As soon as you’re over your pieces swap the box for a new one!

We love this idea…too many times have we bought jewelry for a sole occasion (like that Friday night Bumble date), which was then left to collect dust (along with said Bumble dates' number).

The ability to sample statement necklaces, rings and earrings means you can try trending accessories as they hit the market, without the wasted expense of ‘collecting’… or should we say ‘hoarding’?

You’ll be fooling everyone with your new rocks. Hello ‘Jenny from the block’.


Stress-free shopping does exist…and you don’t even need to leave your apartment! When there are stylists, brands and innovative concepts out there you have no excuse! Let fashion services do the work for you!

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