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Rock Leggings Without Them Looking Like Leggings

By Sophie Zucker
31 May 2016

There’s no disputing the fact the plain old leggings are the weirder younger cousin of regular pants. Leggings like to LARP, regular pants prefer to get unzipped with cute boys under the bleachers. Leggings don’t always come to family gatherings, afraid of being out in public, but you can count on pants to make an appearance. People compliment pants, “Wow – great pants!” Leggings, no such luck.

However, we here at ShopVenture are big fans of leggings. They’re beyond comfortable, and they fit our many shapes and sizes. With leggings, you don’t have to go through that morning routine of zipping (read; squeezing) yourself into your high school XXS Skinny Jeans and crying when you don’t fit into them anymore. Leggings just slip on…easy.

So the dilemma stands…how do you get the comfort and ease of leggings without giving away the fact that you’re wearing leggings? Here are some tips and tricks to solve such a problem.

The Obvious Disguise

The fashion industry is not what it used to be, guys. A spade is not a spade. A wool dress is half polyester. And jeans are actually leggings! That’s right, leggings that have been so transformed by buttons and pockets that they begin to resemble a normal pair of pants. These exist everywhere, and they’re perfect for tricking your friends into thinking that high-waisted band is digging into you when, in reality, it’s as stretchy as a pair of pregnancy overalls. Complain with the rest of ‘em, but feel as snug as a bug. Like this girl.

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Bring Attention to Your Leggings

This may seem counter-intuitive, but the more attention you bring to your leggings, the less they seem like a pair of pajama pants. Pick a bright color and a funky pattern and make it seem like you’re wearing these puppies on purpose. Well-behaved women rarely make history, and boring fashion pieces rarely receive compliments. Make leggings the focal point of your outfit, and get ready for your legs to be the center of attention. Be bold, be unafraid, be you! (In your legging choices, and in general!)

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Be An Athlete for a Day

You may not be the kind of person who has ClassPass, but damned if you’re not going dress like one for the sake of comfort. You’re in luck because athletic wear, and gym culture in general, is trendy. Get a pair of intense looking sweat-resistant leggings, fit for someone who actually moves their body, and pair with equally intense, but cute sneakers and a black sweatshirt. You’ll look like you’re on your way to SoulCycle and no one will question it. They might ask you which instructor you like best, but just keep your head down and mumble something about Paul W. Downs on Broad City. They’ll be none the wiser.

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Add Some Flare

Leggings don’t just have to be straight, skin-tight pants for your legs (a la Sandy in Grease). They don’t have to look like they’ve been painted on your body. I mean yeah, it makes your butt look great, but what if you had the comfort of leggings and the breeziness of bell-bottoms? Enter the legging bell-bottom. In the same vain as the jean-legging, these leggings are an obvious disguise. No one would ever accuse you of phoning it in when you’re wearing bell-bottoms. Plus, you’re channeling the 70s…Roe v. Wade, Farah Fawcett hair, no bras…a good time. 

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Beauty doesn’t have to be painful, and leggings don’t have to be boring. Do yourself, and your body, a favor and don’t sacrifice comfort for style. These wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing leggings can practically be swapped for pants. Though we do love our jeans, leggings are a pretty good substitute.

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