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Rock A Pop Of Color

By Julie De Pontbriand
05 Sep 2014

Color can pull together a look, give it some edge and show off your personality, all at the same time! But how do you ensure your look is more fashionista and less fancy dress? Check out our color hints below.


It’s All About The Shoes

Bright shoes are showing up from the red carpet to the runway and are a perfect way to incorporate a flash of color. Whether flats, heels, sandals or booties, colorful shoes add a bit of flair to an otherwise simple outfit.

WE LOVE these Orange Delilah Sandals by TopShop, available at Zalora.

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Tay's Pic from DStripped Magazine

We Heart Statement Necklaces

Bright statement necklaces add an element of style and quickly dress up any outfit, from t-shirts and jeans to work attire to formal dresses. Look for necklaces that compliment, not overtake an outfit.

WE LOVE this blue beaded necklace, available at The Fine Glow.

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Heidi's Pic from Daily Express

Hot Pants!

Rock a pair of red pants with a simple black or white top to show off your wild side. Make sure to pair them with neutral colors and accessories, and then go ahead and strut your stuff!

WE LOVE these loose-fit trousers, available at Asos.

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VB's picture from Who What Wear

It’s In The Bag!

The perfect bag can make or break an outfit. Our colorful favorite is Chloe’s Mini-Bag, not only for the size and versatility, but also for the amazing range of hot colors!

WE LOVE the Mini-Drew Bag, available at Nordstrom.

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From Who What Wear

Blazin’ Blazers

A bright blazer is a great way to spice up your work wardrobe. Throw one on over a pencil skirt and buttoned shirt to add some edge while still looking polished and professional.

WE LOVE this sunny double-breasted number, available on Asos.

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Eva's picture from Daily Mail