ShopVenture Blog - How to have the Best 'Christmas Vacation'

How to have the Best 'Christmas Vacation'

By ShopVenture
08 Dec 2016

Tis the season! It’s a time of family and friends, gift giving and twinkle lights. But what this season is best known for is the magic it brings, turning mere mortals into carol singing, Santa-hat wearing, eggnog drinking believers.

No family understands this better than the Griswold’s (bet you just caught our pun in the title). Yes, today is the day you will discover how to have the most perfect Griswold-Style Christmas Vacation, and bring a little bit of magic into your own life!


Clark Griswold

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There’s no argument, you will find no better match for a Christmas Spirit Ambassador than Clark Griswold. Through what might be considered a Christmas lead up from Hell, he remains jolly to his core!

This holiday season, channel your inner Clark with a crushed velvet Turban from I’m with The Band and a pair of matching velvet gloves from Urban Outfitters.

Not really your style? It’s ok; Clark’s got you! Channel Clark and string up that strand of lights above the bed in your apartment wearing a Chicago Bears Cap from Lid’ (Just be sure to check the breaker box before plugging everything in ).


Uncle Eddie

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Christmas morning comfies? Look no further than Uncle Eddie. Yes, he may not be everyone’s favorite character (and can probably teach us more of what NOT to do on Christmas), but you have to hand it to him, when it comes to being comfortable around the house - he’s aces.

With a white robe from Victoria’s Secret and a matching fur hat from Rudsak, you’re sure to be to coziest person sitting around the tree on Christmas morning.


The Neighbors

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Ok, we all know the neighbors aren’t necessarily the best examples of sanity, but they do offer an essential contrast to hilariosities (we made up that word but think it works quite well in this situation) of the Griswold family.

We took some tips from Todd and Margo themselves and thought you’d look extra normal during your daily workout wearing a matching metallic outfit (top and bottom) by Ivy Park at Nordstroms, just don’t be asking why the gym equipment is all wet!


The House

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Last but certainly not least, in order to have a proper Christmas Vacation it is essential to address the set. This snowy Chicago suburb home is essential. Firstly, wrap your house in some Retro Bulb Line lights from NEXT to help you forget that you live nowhere close to Chicago (nor in a massive colonial home)!

Then out-cook Ellen for the driest Turkey without even turning on an oven with this Inflatable Turkey from Off the Wagon. Top it all off by giving the gift that keeps on giving, a jelly-of-the-month club membership from Amazing Clubs, to a valued friend.

And there you have it, folks… you’re all set for Christmas Vacation that even the Griswald’s would be proud of!