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How to Dress Up an Old Outfit

By ShopVenture
11 Oct 2016

Fall has somehow snuck up on us, and while we’re loving the fact that the air is cooler, the leaves are falling, and dudes’ beards are finally seasonally appropriate, it also means that we’re digging our cool-weather clothes from the depths of our closets. And they basically look like…they were just dug out of the depths of our closets.


In need of a quick spruce while not completely breaking the bank on an entire new wardrobe? The five tips below will have you fashionably fall-ready in no time.


A Fancy Necklace

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Nothing looks fancier than a fancy necklace. Go for a choker with some metal accents – people will be too busy complimenting you on your trendiness that they won’t even notice that the rip in your jeans wasn’t on purpose.

SV Pick - The Cole Choker by Amber Sceats for $239.00. 

Looking for a budget-friendly version? Check out our choker picks here.

A Spency Handbag

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You really can’t go wrong – the bigger the better to cover up the fraying hem of your shirt. Rent, don’t buy. We all know you'll want to change you bag for winter...and then spring...and then summer...

SV Pick - The Cement Eartha Iconic Handbag by Zac Pozen for $60.00 at Rent the Runway.

A Blazer

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A classic blazer makes you look super profesh even though you’re still attempting to rock your summer tank underneath. (Don't worry, we won't tell).

SV Pick - The Open Front Jacket by BCBGeneration for $138 at Revolve.

White Sneakers

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How can your outfit be old if your sneakers are brand spankin’ new? We totally tricked them.

SV Pick - The Royale by Greats for $189.

A Scarf

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Simple, soft, and it covers the stain that you forgot about from last fall’s red wine incident.

SV Pick - Skullfinity by 360Cashmere for $299. Ok, this one might break the bank...but so worth it for the combo of soft and edgy that it promises!

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