ShopVenture Blog - 5 Easy Tips To Update Your Home Decor

5 Easy Tips To Update Your Home Decor

By Jennifer McGeever
30 Sep 2015

Style doesn’t just stop at sartorial choices. We love giving our homes a makeover as much as we enjoy picking out our outfit of the day. If you’re renting or owning, there are many small improvements you can make to put your personal stamp over whatever environment you’re working with. My online and offline shopping activity actually revolves around home wares as much as it does my next event dress choice! However, homeware can definitely be more of an investment than a find from ASOS, so the thinking time between viewing now and buying later is selling point that furniture shopping online gives us. 

Here are 5 of our handy tips for making over your home and improving all the space you have, from a shoebox apartment in Hong Kong to a landed property in London.

Makeover Tip # 1

Ambient lighting is everything

Home improvement fairy light shopventure etsy

Home improvement lights shopventure etsyImage Source:

I’m a real sergeant when it comes to mood lighting. It’s not reserved just for awkward dates and romantic situations, in fact, ambient lighting can affect your mind-set and instantly transform a room, perfect if you’re renting and can’t make drastic changes to your place! Fairy lights can be hard to string up without a ledge or windowsill, but if you place a single nail beside your bed and drape the lights over it in an artful fashion, voila… You have a fresh, contemporary take on a table lamp. We love Etsy for extra special trinkets and customized items, plus their fairy light range is unrivaled.

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Makeover Tip # 2

Shop for unique furniture on a budget

Home improvement makeover sofa castlery shopventure

Home improvement makeover castlery shopventureImages Source: Castlery Singapore

Castlery may just be our best kept secret. It’s an online furniture mall which sells modern, designer pieces at up to 70% off the retail price, we’re smitten! Buying big items such as sofas, wardrobes and desks online for the first time can be daunting, so make sure to read our ShopVenture community reviews first to see what others have made of the product and the e-commerce experience. You can also make an appointment at their Singapore studio and drop by if you’re in town!

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Makeover Tip # 3

Date Night 2.0

Home improvement coffee table west elm shopventure

Home improvement industrial desk shopventure west elm
Images Source: West Elm

Whether it’s with your SO (Significant Other) or just your darn fabulous self, at ShopVenture we make it a point to set aside one night a week for some ‘us’ & ‘me’ time. Upgraded these much needed moments with this insanely clever coffee table designed by the folks at West Elm. Not only does it have tonnes of storage space, it also shifts up and out to become the perfect elevated table to pop your wine glasses (and the pizza) that you’ll be pairing with your weekly Scandal session.

If you can’t get enough of Miss Olivia Pope, be sure to see our guide on how to shop her look and other TV star favourites’ (like the ladies of Suits and leopard-clad Cookie Lyons). Check it out HERE.

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Makeover Tip # 4

Cutting corners

Home improvement shelf shopventure hipvan2

Home improvement shelf storage shopventure hipvan
Images Source: HipVan Singapore 

Talk about ingenious! Designers have come up with more and more innovative ways of creating objects which come up trumps for both form and function. This sexy shelving stand is so chic that it could serve as a display unit for items picked up on your travels as well as a great storage space for books, glossy magazines and other lifestyle trinkets. The fact that it makes use of every nook and cranny in your house is merely a bonus. Check out HipVan for more fabulous finds, I especially love their curation of pieces for creating your home-office oasis or at home bathroom spa.

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Makeover Tip # 5

The heart of the home

Home improvement plate christopher vine shopventure

Home improvement christopher vine shopventure

Images Source: Christopher Vine Instagram

It’s true that home is where the heart is, and they say that the kitchen is the heart of every household. Whether you, like our darling Sex and the City star Carrie Bradshaw use yours more for storing your Manolos than actual cooking, it’s always worth being prepared. Whether you’re Martha Stewart in-the-making or a ‘throw catered dinner party’ kind of gal, it’s essential to always have a matching crockery set to hand, like these print-perfection ones by Christopher Vine. Aptly named Kitchenware Direct also has another of our homeware essentials available to shop - champagne glasses for toasting the good days (and to give a bubbly edge to the bad)!

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So, what are you waiting for? Get surfing and shopping to edit your dream home at just the click of a button now!