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Attention Bookworms

By Jennifer McGeever
27 Jul 2015

As much as we love to fix up & look sharp externally at ShopVenture. We equally love the beauty of a well-read mind. Nothing dresses you better or is a chicer accessory than a book (or an e-reader) in hand! In local chain bookstores, international titles can be pricey, so online sourcing is often the best option! Whether you are spending your summer days on the beach or curled up in bed on a lazy Sunday afternoon, we have the titles and their online libraries to keep you accessorized with style and substance.

The Life of A Banana by PP Wong

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We love this hybrid author, who is a melange of both Londoner and Singaporean. She also so happens to be the first ever British-Chinese novelist to be published in the UK, and her debut novel is phenomenal. This book will make you laugh and cry in equal measure and explores the interesting and timely theme of mixed cultural identity in a world which is ever globalized. The Book Depository offers free worldwide delivery for all its titles from around the world.

Buy The Life of A Banana HERE  

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Epigram Books  

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We love to support local, and independent publisher’s Epigram is just that! A brilliant local publisher that supports Singaporean writers and talent. At the moment they are celebrating their 4th birthday! So enjoy a 30% discount off their range for the month of July. We love their carefully curated birthday book bundles which have selected titles according to your mood, so you can choose according to if you’re feeling ‘nostalgic’ or super ‘adventurous’. Our favorite is their wildcard ‘surprise me!’ package, for those who enjoy the thrill of the unknown and unwrapping mystery gifts.

Shop Epigram web store HERE  

Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee  

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American classic To Kill a Mockingbird is a pivotal book for all its first-time readers. Themes of tolerance and empathy reigning over discrimination and prejudice are just as relevant today as they were when it was first published! We can't wait to read Harper Lee’s sequel novel, actually written prior to To Kill a Mockingbird, which is published this month after having been rediscovered amongst her manuscripts. 

Buy what is set to be a legendary title from book giant Amazon, and even pre-order your copy HERE    
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As much as we adore paper and print, we do love the power and ease of the e-reader for pursuing our favorite books and magazines on the go. They slip so easily into handbags and beach bags whilst traveling and holidaying and seriously help with that luggage allowance problem (creating more space for shopping)! Perfect for indulging our penchant for chick lit that remains our guilty pleasure, Kobo helps satisfy our cravings for scandal and a good summer romance.
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Our final tip for online book shopping is to search on price aggregator called before you click add to cart! This site sources you the best price out there— so we just had to share it with all our own lovely readers. Peak at its glowing reviews HERE

Happy Reading!