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Girl Boss Series: Clothes To Keep You Cool

By Kirsten Nunez
19 May 2016

It’s no secret that us ladies know how to hustle. After all, the female workforce is having a serious moment right now – and we’re so into it. And regardless of your field or position, your work attire should represent your feminine fierceness!

But with temperatures on the rise, what’s a girl to do? Most traditional office wear can feel stiff and uncomfortable during the summer heat. It’s enough to make anyone want to roll into work wearing a bikini.

As great as a swimwear appropriate office sounds…we do believe it’s possible to create the perfect warm weather wardrobe for work. And since we know you’re a busy lady, we rounded up some examples so you didn’t have to. Get it, girl.


1. Sleeveless Jumpsuit

There’s something so “girl-boss” about a tastefully designed jumpsuit. And when the sun starts beating down, a sleeveless one-piece will make you feel like the ultimate queen. Not only will getting ready be a breeze, but also it’s the key to feeling as cool as you look. Oh and it’s an excellent piece for standing out of the (office) crowd while making a statement.

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Pleated Front Printed Jumpsuit, $28.25,


2. Linen Blazer

Blazers are a must-have for any office setting. Linen versions are especially ideal for chilly office buildings. You know how it goes: crazy heat wave outside, Arctic tundra inside. Plus, it’s an easy item to throw over a t-shirt and jeans, transforming a casual outfit into a polished look.

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 Lucca Couture Linen Menswear Blazer, $89,

3. Sleeveless Dress

Keep yourself cool and comfy with a sleeveless dress. Your best bet is to opt for a block color. That way, you’ll have more styling opportunities for layering with other garments. Extra points for spicing it up with killer jewelry.

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Carrie Ceramic Shift Dress, $298,


4. Ankle Pants

An awesome pair of tailored ankle pants are prime for hot weather. It’s like the cooler, older cousin of traditional work pants. And while they might not be that much shorter than the conventional kind, those few inches change everything! Pair them with statement flats or close-toed pumps for a relaxed yet refined ensemble.

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Zip Ankle Cigarette Pants, $34,


5. Culottes

Since we know you’ve been on top of your fashion game, you’ve probably noticed wide-legged cropped trousers stealing the spotlight. Also known as culottes. Europeans from the Middle Ages inspired these pants…so obviously they had some boss-women back then they needed to cater for too. Modern day versions ooze minimalist chicness. So what’s not to love?

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Milton Culottes, $26.74,


6. Sleeveless Blouse

If there’s one item that you should focus on, make it a sleeveless blouse. This clever garment holds an endless variety of styling possibilities. Wear it with a skirt, or a pair of pants, layer it under a sweater, or even over a dress. It’s your work wear BFF.

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White Cotton Sleeveless Cutaway Blouse, $525,


7. Midi Skirt

For an easy, breezy look in the sweltering heat, try out a midi skirt. It’s the perfect marriage between a mini and a maxi, creating a posh vibe that exudes classy femininity.

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Oasis Premium Stripe Prom Skirt, $105.14,

So beat the heat and get shopping for these cooler items for summer. Trust us when we say, you don’t want to be left with nothing to wear but your bikinis. But then again, we wouldn’t complain if the guy from downstairs rocked up in swimwear…just sayin’