ShopVenture Blog - Girl Boss Series: Accessories For Your Dream Desk

Girl Boss Series: Accessories For Your Dream Desk

By Kirsten Nunez
26 May 2016

Whether you’re hustling the 9-to-5 or running your own business, office accessories are an absolute must. They might seem trivial, but they’re exactly what you need to keep the workflow going. Without them, checking off that to-do list would be an absolute mess. No one’s got time for that…especially when you’re a lady on the go.

Aside from fueling productivity, office accessories can set the vibe of your work space. They’re key to creating an environment that helps you give it all you got. It doesn’t hurt that they’re super fun to shop for too!

Start off with these five key office accessories for your workspace. Get ready for your dream work desk!


1. The Motivational Mug

Get those boss lady vibes going with an office mug declaring your favorite work mantra. Paired with your morning coffee, it’s the best way to jumpstart some serious motivation. See ya later, Monday blues. After all, a mug is a work desk staple so you might as well choose an awesome one! But don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone what’s really in there at wine o’clock.

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#GIRLBOSS Mug, $15,


2. The Charming Letter Holder

Tidy up your desk with a chic and stylish letter holder. Opt for a simple design that will match with multiple colors and patterns. This way, it will last each and every time you decide to re-arrange your desk (you know who you are). A984cf0b 15d8 4f95 8778 a5499de8ad65

Ampersand Letter Holder, $18,


3. The Quirky Planter

Brighten up your workspace with an adorable planter in a quirky toy. Not only is it a ridiculous work item (that we obviously need) but it doubles as a conversation starter for those newbies to the office. Who wouldn’t question a miniature dinosaur with a plant growing in it?

Side note. Your best bet is to choose a plant that needs little water and attention. Succulents and cacti are both perfect options. These babies will spruce up your desk while you focus on doing your thing.

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Customized Dinosaur Planter, $16 - $22,


4. The Stylish Sticky Notes

A lady’s got to stay on top of her game. And when a busy day is full of last-minute tasks, reminders are essential. That’s where the good ol’ sticky note comes in. But instead of sticking to the basic yellow Post-It (YAWN) opt for something classier. 20fe4439 75fd 452d 9174 4c119ac84208

Notepad Cube, $16.95,


5. The Lovable Notebook

It’s no secret that the digital age has taken over. But if you’re an old school gal at heart, there’s a good chance you love pen and paper. Don’t settle for any old boring notebook, though. Instead, buy a cookie notebook! Perfect for all your important ideas…but also, it will remind you to head down the road to Magnolia for that afternoon treat you definitely need! Taking notes just got so much sweeter.  

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Cookie Bookie Notebook, $12.75,


So take your boss lady vibes to the next level and get shopping for some office accessories. You’ll be sure to be the envy of all those other work desks…scattered with photos of their families…we only accept framed photos of our dogs at ShopVenture.


Header Image Source: PR Blonde