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Get The Perfect Beach Body

By Julie dePontbriand
08 Aug 2014

With so many fad diets that promise to make you thin and trim, how are we to know which ones actually work?

ShopVenture has got you covered! We've picked our favorite juice cleanse and teatox to make that flat tummy a reality, and both can be easily ordered online and delivered to your doorstep. The best in healthy living and online shopping!


Sana Cleanse

We love the Sana Cleanse as it comes in different cleanse levels, from beginner to advanced (most of the other juice cleanses only offer one). AND, with 3 and 5-day cleanse options, it allows you to work around your schedule.

Sana cleanse

The juices are fresh and you'll feel healthier from your first sip. Some are more on the "green" side, while others are a bit heartier and leave you feeling fuller.

After 3-days and some mental ups and downs from not eating, you'll be proud of yourself and have a nice flat tummy. We lost 2 kilos (YAY!), and by slowly incorporating healthy food back into your diet, you'll keep off the weight!

Prices range from $320-340 SGD for 3-day, and $500-$530 SGD for 5-day.



SkinnyMint Teatox

We love SkinnyMint's Teatox as an alternative type of cleanse. They offer a 14 or 28 day teatox where you continue to eat regular food, and end up feeling healthy and trim!


ShopVenture tried out the 28-day teatox. Like Sana, great and fast delivery so you can get detoxing asap! There is a Morning and Evening tea, both taste yummy, slightly fruity, with great flavor. You're allowed to eat healthy foods, mostly proteins and vegetables, but the idea is that the teas aid quicker digestion, which keeps your tummy flat. With a little exercise, the teas and healthy eating, we lost another 2 kilos with SkinnyMint!