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Get Fit With These 6 Activewear Brands

By Jessica Learish
25 Mar 2016

Making time for exercise is hard enough, but it’s even worse when you have nothing to wear. What makes this doubly so is the abundance of mirrors in the gym, showing you just how ratty your free college t-shirts are finally starting to look from every possible angle. These six new and up-and-coming activewear brands are e to add the extra color, motivation, and support (literally) that every fitness junkie needs to burn off last night’s takeout feast.

Spring is the perfect time to renew your exercise wardrobe, whether you’re a devout yogi or a strength trainer on her way to crush leg day. It’s also important to mention that prioritizing your attire while conquering your personal fitness goals is in no way related to what Jonny Bench Press over there thinks about your outfit. A new sports bra or pair of fun leggings is a great way to upgrade your attitude about a workout that might otherwise seem tedious.

So, get out there and find yourself a look that makes you actually want to post a gym selfie. Here are the most killer activewear brands you’ve never heard of.


Zobha duo

This UK brand is not only stylish and all about female empowerment, but they’ve also got their online retail business down to an absolute science. Need a new gym jacket in two days? They’ve got you covered. And returns and exchanges, if you need them (which you won’t), are easy and free. And short ladies, take note, the standard inseam on Zobha’s leggings is not going to leave you with foot-long mermaid flippers like a lot of other activewear brands.



Doc duo

This baby brand out of Los Angeles is just a dream to look at. Daughters of Culture’s Instagram is a gorgeous calling card where you can check out their latest styles, like their new two-tone Turq+Denim sports bra design for spring— best worn with no shirt due to its unmatched aesthetic awesomeness.


OUTDOOR VOICES                                                 

Outdoor voices duo

Outdoor Voices is well on its way to becoming the Uniqlo of activewear. Pumping out cute, fairly priced exercise basics that can easily be repurposed into streetwear, these quirky kids hailing from New York City describe their mantra as, “Doing Things is better than not Doing Things,” and we can’t help but agree!



Devon maryn duo

Calling all Southern gals! If they play their cards right, by 2017, Devon Maryn should be the unequivocal uniform for ladies who brunch in the land of sweet tea. Get a jump on this trend and snag your picks from their collection now before Reese Witherspoon and your cousin in North Carolina start snatching up all their brightly colored deals.


STONE FOX                                                 

Stone fox duo

One part activewear and one part tropical resort attire, designer Chelsea Bell has hit a very specific nerve with her popping patterns and cool colors. Browsing the Stone Fox collection feels like taking a peek into an imaginary past that you definitely want to revisit, with prints reminiscent of the LA episodes of Mad Men. Make sure to check out the swimwear while you’re perusing the gym clothes.



Body language duo

If you’ve ever watched the Twilight movies, you’ll recall that Alice Cullen can tell the future— well Ashley Greene, the actress that plays Alice, is seemingly a little clairvoyant herself, as Body Language is her workout wear of choice, according to the site’s About page. Body Language is another brand that converts easily into streetwear. Their collection makes sense at the gym and as your look for a post-gym pho date.

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