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Father's Day Made Easy

By ShopVenture
01 Jun 2017

Let’s face it… it’s WAAAAY easier to shop for our Moms than our Dads (or maybe Moms are just better at pretending that they like our gifts?).


One day a year, we celebrate our fathers and the role that they play in our lives, but they don’t make it easy. See, Dads just don’t seem to melt at our macaroni and hot gluegun projects anymore, which is too bad since it’s the only thing we have stocked in our kitchen cupboards on a daily basis.


Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a couple sweet options to blow your Dad out of the water this Father’s Day, all without wasting your precious carbs and glue sticks. Check them out:



1.     Bad Dad’s Club

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Ok, so the name is a bit deceiving since it’s pretty much the opposite message we want to send our Fathers on this, their one day of appreciation. Bad Dad’s Club, however, is the perfect option to get something your Dad might actually wear, and even better, won’t mortify you if he does sport it around your friends! Designed by a group of Dads, each T-shirt or Hat bears an awesome slogan of pure paternal-power.


We suggest being really obvious when choosing your style, our fave is the “Dads are Dope”T-Shirt.


BONUS: Check out their instagram @baddadsclub for a fresh collection of hot tatted Dads and their adorable kids.



2. Head Crack NYC

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You’ve probably seen these guys around or at least their hats. Well it’s pretty obvious why Head Crack’s signature hat is a perfect gift for your Papi this year. Based in Brooklyn, NY, this awesome brand has been blowing up Instagram with their “Hello my name is Papi” hats, and we totally get it. Snag this puppy for your Dad to sport on the next family vacation.


There are a few options when it comes to Head Crack’s Dad-approved gifts, but we suggest the “Papi Dad Hat”.


PRO TIP: Unless your Dad’s super chill, make sure to open the box before giving it to him, the boys at Head Crack are all about the gifties, some just may not be PG for all parents!



3. The Eighth

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This brand is more of a suggestion for the cool Moms looking to show their baby daddy’s some love! The Eighth is a boxer and undies brand from Brooklyn, NY, and if their site isn’t awesome enough to convince you, let us tell you, their instagram is!


Choose from different cuts, styles and prints to make sure your man is feeling the love on Father’s Day. Who knows!? Maybe he’ll be so comfortable he’ll take the kids out for a walk while you catch some zzz’s…don’t hold us to that one…


Our choice?  The Cuff Love Boxer brief, because it’s a day about them (but also kind of about us too). Check them out here and you’ll see what we mean. 😜