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26 Oct 2016
Winter's coming. This is now just an overused popular TV show quote. Here's how I'm actually dealing with the chilling change in seasons.

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Being a resident of NYC means that you probably resent the traditional "I ❤️ NYC" t-shirts that every corner in midtown is clogged up with and I'm no exception. Except, deep down inside I do love this city and am proud to show off that I live (ok fine... survive) in this Big Apple. OnlyNY is the perfect brand for me. The NYC Collection they released in conjunction with NYC Parks and the DSNY (and are all licensed and legal) is simply perfect. Great pricing, awesome fit, quick delivery. Will definitely be going back for more!

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I bought a Herschel bag when they were first released on Queen W waaaaay back in the day. Travelled around the world with my gray and brown duffle so I was heart broken when the zipper finally went 💔 (three years and I travel A LOT). BUT then I discovered their online store and the MASSIVE collection they carried! I ended up replacing my beloved bag with one that I (dare I say it...) love even more! I've jammed it full and the zipper is still as strong as the day I got it. It fits in as carry on all while holding weeks worth of clothes! The shipping was really quick and the quality of the bag is incredible -annnd they aren't even expensive!

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So I love tattoos but my mother dies a little inside every time I get a new one so this is the perfect product! It totally fills my tattoo urges but disappears in 2 weeks!! I also love that they sell the ink in a bottle so artsy people (like myself) can draw my own designs - so cool!

HEED MY WARNING: This stuff absolutely does stain your skin for 2 weeks and should not be applied when drunk. (First experience: woke up with the bottle in my hand and ink on my forehead).

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