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What to Buy for that Picky Friend (who we all secretly hate)

By ShopVenture
21 Nov 2016

Christmas is an amazing time of year, a time to celebrate friends and family, twinkle lights and festive music, and (if you’re into that kind of thing) snow! There’s just something about this season that puts everyone in a good mood...well, almost everyone. You know who we’re talking about - that picky friend who’s name you drew in the office gift exchange, the one that everyone secretly calls “The Grinch”.

While you may have felt total desperation when you pulled their name from the Santa hat, but fear no more! ShopVenture has put together a list of the perfect gifts that even The Grinch will love.

1. Mixify Polish

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Does this person take 20 minutes to choose between Holiday Red or Santa Red at the nail salon, only to then hate the color as soon as it dries? We’ve got you. Mixify Polish is a DIY nail polish kit that will take out the tricky decision on your end and let her mix and mix until she lands on the perfect color. And since she mixed it herself, complaints aren’t allowed!

2. Mixologie

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Does your friend complain constantly about the Italian Shower the woman next to her on the subway took, waving her arms in front of her as though a swarm of mosquitos were attacking? Does she look like a hoarder collecting dusty perfumes in the corner of her room? It’s ok. Perfume is hard. This year, don’t stress over which new scent she’ll hate less, instead get her the DIY perfume kit from Mixologie and let her fight her own fragrance battles!

3. UnCommon Goods

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Do we have a picky eater on our hands? Or even worse...drinker? Does your friend have an order that takes the waitress two pages on her note pad to write down? Oh, we know her. UnCommon Good is a store literally designed to cater to ridiculous people’s needs. Our picks? Get her a pair of TV Dinner Trays to ensure her foods are kept separated by a thin ceramic wall and maybe a set of Himalayan Salt Tequila Shot glasses - although maybe that gift is best left at your house, y’know, for her (and you) to use when she's visiting.

4. Off the Wagon Shop

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Or maybe you’re going to take this opportunity to send a message to this person. A subtle message that will definitely resound with the rest of the office when the gift exchange awkwardly points you out as the secret gift giver. Well we say, “Stand your ground!”

Try a gift from Off the Wagon’s weird and funny gifts. Our picks: How about a tube of “Get Along With Other Human Beings Breath Spray,” maybe a “Get your Sh*t together” note pad, or why not hit the nail on the head with a pair of “Yo Dude, You’re Late” socks? You’re sure to get a giggle from your colleagues. Just don’t blame us if your friend doesn’t remember your birthday next year!

Don’t despair, there are gifts for even the pickiest person, and if you still can’t think of anything that will keep their cranky level from peaking, why not take the opportunity to prove a point and maybe help a picky friend change their ways? At least at the office party there will be witnesses in case she goes Grinch on you!

XOXO ShopVenture

Main Image from Tumblr "The Real Me" Photograph by Victor Vauthier