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April Showers Bring a New Wardrobe

By ShopVenture
05 Apr 2017

We all know that April showers bring May flowers, but did you know that they also bring a whole new wardrobe?


Rainy weather often leaves most of us locked up in our apartments, refusing to leave and using it as the perfect excuse to binge-watch Netflix. This year, however, we’ve come up with the perfect rainy day outfit that will get make you excited to seize the day when you see those blue dots on your weather app.



1. Joules

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You know when you buy a new pair of pants and you picture the whole outfit? The perfect top and accessories to match? Oddly enough, you never picture it with a pair of rain boots. Well, problem solved. Joules’ collection of rain boots is so on-point that you’ll be designing outfits around them in no time! The best part? They aren’t even expensive! There will no buyer’s remorse when it only rains twice this year (fingers crossed)!


ShopVenture’s pick? We’re ready to rock Joules’ Rockingham Chelsea Boots in Leopard Spot right through the puddles (read: rivers) of Manhattan’s Garment District this Spring!



2.  American Trench

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There is no worse thing on a rainy day than showing up to work eager to take off you wet coat only to realize your shoulders are entirely soaked. And unless you’re the kind of person (AKA a smart one) who has a spare shirt at your desk, you’re stuck sitting in a wet choke hold until it dries or… you go back outside for lunch. Our cure to the unwanted wet should pads, the American Trench. Made right in America using American grown and spun cotton, you’ll definitely feel patriotic while marching through the trenches of Manhattan’s Financial District, dry as the prohibition.


ShopVenture’s suggestion: Olive Green. We’re all about the military look, and why lose that just because of a little rain?



3.  ShedRain

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Umbrella’s in the city are A-N-N-O-Y-I-N-G. Holding them, closing them, getting them into those plastic baggies, and especially dodging them is just a pain. Then there’s the people who think the sidewalk is a golf course or beach with their10 foot wide canopy… the worst. Don’t you just wish there was one umbrella that didn’t suck? Well, we’ve found it. ShedRain’s bubble umbrella is the perfect size, and the deep domed design leaves all those pointy parts pointed down rather than poking out people’s eyes, all while keeping you dry.


ShopVenture’s pick: The Auto-Open Bubble Stick is the sure winner here, with a clear design, there are no worries about outfit matching, and the accent of black around the rim just screams quality and on a rainy day.



4. Street Stylers

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So you made it to work dry with your new jacket, boots and umbrella and are feeling real good. Lunchtime comes, and it’s still raining…afternoon coffee break, same situation. You realize that the rain isn’t going to give up anytime soon, and you need to bring home those important files and your laptop in order to meet your deadline. SH*T. Don’t go ask the office manager for a trash bag quite yet!


ShopVenture’s solution? Street Stylers’ Clear Water Proof Backpack. Not only will you keep your homework dry, but no one will ever doubt that you are a committed employee who’s putting in extra work after hours!