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An Ode To The T-Shirt Dress

By Sophie Zucker
07 Jun 2016

T-Shirt dresses, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways.


We love thee for your structure. 

If we’re having a day where we don’t feel like highlighting any part of our bodies, and all we really want to do is crawl into a potato sack before we face the outside world, now we’re able to do both. T-Shirt dress, you are a glorified potato sack – a long, loose piece of clothing but with a fun color or pocket or graphic. You make us feel like our best selves, by hiding most of ourselves. You are a haven when we want to dress up, but also don’t feel like wearing anything but a t-shirt. 

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We Are Cow, Geometric Print T-Shirt Dress ($25.40) - Image Source:

We love thee for the ease in which we can put you on. 

When we are running late to an interview, or a friend’s birthday party, or a date (ideally), you are there for us. Hanging in our closets so unassumingly, you watch us rake through every other dress and skirt combination, until we settle on you. You smile knowingly, as we pull you on. It doesn’t matter that our hair’s askew and our makeup’s non-existent, with this simple T-Shirt dress, we’ve pulled an outfit together in under five minutes. You are also so easy to take off, which is good for those hypothetical-but-definitely-gonna-happen dates.

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Honey Punch, Grey Short Sleeve Knot Dress ($32) - Image Source: Honey Punch Instagram (left) and (right)

We love thee for the casual vibes we give off when we’re wearing you. 

We may have had a very public meltdown at work yesterday, but today we’ve strolled in with a T-Shirt dress and all is forgotten. We feel cool, calm, and collected. After all, you are mostly an oversize T-Shirt, a form of clothing that makes us feel comfortable with ourselves. You remind us of when we were younger and would wear our Dad’s shirts, before homework, and jobs, and the stress of relationships, and coffee-addictions. Life was simpler, then. You remind us of a simpler time, a time when we all just wore t-shirts.

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Image Source:

We love thee for the versatile ways we can wear you. 
We can pair you with sandals, flip flops, even slippers around the house. We can wear you with boots, sneakers, and platforms. We can wear you with tights, with leggings, with knee-high socks. We can wear you with our hair up or down, short or long, scrunchie or no scrunchie. We can wear you with a sweater, a jean jacket, a leather jacket. We can pull a sweatshirt over you. We can wear you with a bra, a bralette, no bra, a sports bra. We can wear you with boy shorts, thongs, any kind of underwear. You adapt and evolve with us, you remind us that change is possible.

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Image Source: Honey Punch Instagram

Header Image Source: Asos