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Accessorize Your Cocktails?

By Sophie Zucker
22 Jun 2016

Tired of ordering ‘the house special’ at every bar you go to? Us too. But it’s so hard to feel inspired to drink something new when your outfit is so bland. We recommend picking a fab piece of jewelry for the night (like these bold pieces from Armed) and following it wherever it takes you.

For example, you could don...

The 90s Dance Party Choker

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90s Dance Party ($65) // Right Image Source:

A badass gold chain that says, ‘you know your way around a cool Brooklyn bar’. You know what else says that? A Dark and Stormy. Ginger beer and dark rum give off the same tough, but down to party vibes that your choker is exuding.

Or maybe you're more into...

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Beatrix Ring ($55) // Right Image Source:

A brass ring, with semi precious stone… elegant, timeless, with a hint of vintage. This ring looks like some cool piece you found in your dead Aunt’s closet. We recommend putting this on your ring finger and waving over the bartender with a request for an Old Fashioned. This classic compilation of rye whiskey and bitters goes perfectly with your ring.


Going out with a group? Try… 

The Best Bitches Heart Pendants

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Best Bitches Hearts ($65) // Right Image Source:

Wear these matching charms just to show how close you really are. It’s a way to say to the creepers, ‘please don’t bother us, we’re having a ladies night!’ And it comes off easier than the F*CK YOU, you tend to write in permanent marker on your forehead. For a group of independent women, there’s only one iconic drink. A round of Cosmopolitans please.

Remember though…don’t drink and drive, but do drink and accessorize. It’s seriously harmless.    

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