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A Brooklyn-designed Ring for Every Day of the Week

By ShopVenture
03 Mar 2017

When we began our project to highlight the best brands of Brooklyn, we were OVERWHELMED by the number of quality brands coming out of this diverse borough. Naive? Maybe. After all, Brooklyn has long been known for its maker’s culture with countless factories and studios, all working away to produce designer and crafters’ goods.


So we had a dilemma: how to choose? Like any tough decision we decided to break it down. First on our list? We’ll let you guess:


In boxing it’s square, on your finger it’s round, it’s inside a tree and also a bell’s sound. What is it?


Rings! (Look at us being fancy and rhyming for you)



One undeniable fact about BK is that is it filled with a unique collection of jewelry designers, all with incredible pieces, a lot of which are not only beautiful, but also affordable. We obviously couldn’t choose (slash buy) just one, so we tracked down the best of Brooklyn’s jewelers to ensure that you have a ring for every day of the week!



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Mondays are tough, AMIRITE? Start the week off with a reminder to just keep breathing from Melroso’s Pulse Midi Ring. Not only will this little baby keep your heart moving, but stack it on their Arrow Ring and you’ll be sure to start the week alive and with direction!


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Tuesdays are really only good for one thing…Taco Tuesday. Honor this discounted Mexican delight by wearing Snash’s Taco Ring all day Tuesday. Looking for something a bit more functional? Snash has done it. Stack up your full order with their Guacamole Ring and Hot Sauce Ring to order your meal in a single fist bump. Well done Snash, well done.



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Hump Day! Wednesday is a day that seems to bring most people solace, it’s the ‘we’ve-made-it-this-far-and-there’s-a-light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel’ day. Celebrate your mid-week achievement by wearing Species by the Thousands’ Sunstone Energy Eye Ring. Known as the stone of power, freedom and expanded consciousness, this ring will get you ready to slide into your so-very-close weekend on a high note.



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Haven’t you heard? Thursday is the new Friday. Make sure to rally your coworkers and hit that local happy hour spot. Our suggestion? Wicked Heathen’s The Stake Ring is a perfect choice for something to get you in the weekend mood, but won’t stop you from hitting your numbers and sending your emails.


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TGIF and don’t we know it. Fridays can sometime be the worst days of the week, from unexpected long meetings to unmet deadlines (for these Fridays we suggest keeping your Monday Pulse Ring available), but more often than not, they are a magical day that almost has a second life once you leave the office. Embrace that second life and channel your inner feline with L’Enchanteur's Siam Clawset Nail Rings. They’ll be sure to keep you landing on your feet, even if you did wear your new heels without breaking them in first.



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“Live from Brooklyn, It’s Saturday Night!” That’s right. It’s the climax of the weekend: the last night of freedom because you still have tomorrow to deal with the consequences. Get into your party dress and heels but don’t forget those 10 little appendages which are the first thing the cute bartender will see when you hand over your credit card. It’s cool, BK’s got your back. Show off your groove with Moratorium’s Iridescent Sterline Silver Rectangle Shied Ring. This ring will keep on grooving even after you call it a night!


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Before the inevitable fear set in for the looming Monday morning start to the work week, there is one final event that needs to happen: brunch. Be it bottomless mimosa or a strong bloody Mary, it’s a necessary buzz to keep our minds off the meeting you have at 9AM the next morning. Effortlessly out-dress everyone’s Sunday Best with this perfect Woodlark Ring from Daniell Hudson. This ring is like wearing a bouquet of exotic flowers that your perfect boyfriend (fake or real, we don’t judge) surprised you with, so why not rub it in your friends’ faces, “Oh this old thing?! It’s a custom piece”.