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Online Stores With Catwalk Videos

By Min Yong
23 Oct 2014

Online shopping is already easy enough, right? No…it isn’t…or at least we thought it was until online shops introduced the catwalk video.

You’re probably thinking, "ASOS introduced this feature years ago!" However, not all online stores have caught on yet! So we decided to source some of our favorite online shops that offer the catwalk video.


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Duh... of course ASOS is top of the list. Didn’t you read what we said before? They have become pretty much everyone’s go-to online store, selling affordable clothing in nearly every style imaginable. The company has long been providing online shoppers catwalk videos of models sashaying down the short runway, cue grungy music in the background.



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This video feature is the definition of short and sweet…11 second footage, offering a 360 visual of the clothing item. Imagine, walking out of the dressing room and checking yourself out in the mirror. That is BubbleRoom video.



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So you’re instantly picturing the iconic Diane Von Furstenberg wrap-dress. Every season she brings out a new pattern or cut, building on her classic design. At DVF’s online store about half of these dresses will have online videos, and when they do they showcase the signature wrap-dress twirl to perfection.



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Singapore-based Gnossem is fast becoming a powerhouse for bringing shoppers fashion from independent global designers. Their catwalk videos are more like iPhone recordings…don’t expect Beyonce’s Lemonade video quality but you’ll get what you wanted.



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If you’re looking for higher end designers ShopBop is the place for you. They have videos of almost all their clothing…where models make slow, enticing turns, just enough to whet our appetites to buy. 


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Good ol’ Zappos decided to personalize their video feature with a fashion news reporter sharing her views on the material and comfort of the item. Definitely a unique selling feature for the site but obviously not suited for all shoppers. Most of the time all we want is a pretty girl walking in our future wardrobe!


This form of multi-media totally revolutionized our concept of ‘The Fit’. Shoppers can now see how hemlines fall, shoulders sit, if the material drapes flatteringly, and whether it looks comfortable to move around in…majorly influencing you're decision to hit, ‘Add to Bag’ then 'Checkout'.

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