ShopVenture Blog - 7 Kitchen Essentials To Turn A New Space Into A Home

7 Kitchen Essentials To Turn A New Space Into A Home

By Lindsey Black
17 Apr 2016

Whether you’ve officially upgraded from roommate life to your own apartment (in which case, congrats!), or are just tired of depending solely on takeout to survive (also congrats-worthy), shopping for an “adult status” kitchen can feel a little daunting. But once you’ve acquired the kitchen essentials below, you’ll be whipping up Instagram-worthy meals 24/7. 

Since your kitchen is the heart of your home, remember to purchase pieces that are not only functional but also feel good and reflect the overall vibe of your space. Don’t know where to start looking? Our top seven unique and beautiful kitchen essentials will give you all the cozy “Ahhh, I'm home" feels and will help you cook up plenty of delicious concoctions. Scroll on to get cooking! 


Serious chef knife

Zyliss 7.5-Inch Coated Chef's Knife In Blue, $16.20,

Do you really need a knife that big? Yup, you do. You will use this baby for everything from slicing lemon wedges for drinks to trimming hunks of steak. And when it comes to picking the best classic chef’s knife for the most impressive price, definitely consider the nonstick Zyliss Chef’s Knife that comes with a sheath cover to protect the blade.

This knife is a standout thanks to its high-carbon stainless steel blade, ergonomic handle with a rubber grip (making it far less easy for you to cut yourself), and a five-year warranty. Not to mention it comes in this dreamy aqua blue hue for a burst of brightness in your kitchen!


Sturdy cutting board

What good is a chef’s knife without a proper cutting board? The last thing you want to do is chop veggies on a bare counter and end up cracking it, so a quality cutting board is well worth investing in. As for where to shop, Etsy is hands down our favorite spot for custom cutting boards that practically double as art in your kitchen. I mean, can we stop and appreciate the beautiful board above from FoodieBords? It features a stunner variety of cherry, walnut, ambrosia, and maple woods. This mix of colored woods ensures your board will complement any kitchen color scheme you could dream up.


Cast iron skillet

Want to scramble the perfect egg, fry up the fluffiest pancakes, and sear the juiciest burgers? You need a cast iron skillet! And if you get a deep skillet like the one above, it doubles as a pot for cooking up cozy pastas, hearty soups, and fresh sauces. We’re super into Lodge’s seasoned cast iron skillets because they’re ready to use right away, safe for all cooking surfaces (and can go in your oven), and will straight up last for over one hundred years if you take good care of them! 

And, since you won’t need any other pots or pans, you can use those extra funds for other easy ways to update your home decor. 


Handcrafter colander

Speaking of cooking up pasta, without a colander, you are doomed to eternally mushy carbs that will never achieve al-dente glory. I know, the horror. And beyond draining pasta, you’ll want a colander around to rinse off salad greens, get the dirt off fresh berries, and even strain yogurt if you want to get all kinds of DIY. 

While a metal colander will get the draining job done, we suggest checking out Etsy artisans to find an equally effective but artistically epic colander that you’ll want to leave out on your counter as a decoration. It makes the perfect fruit basket, too! 


Measuring cups and spoons
There is no way you will ever get a souffle to rise or a make batch of brownies taste like bliss unless you have the proper measuring cups and spoons. Eyeing ingredients doesn’t cut it when it comes to baking, and the only way to truly achieve Pinterest-worhy food porn success is by taking the time to measure out everything. Since you’ll be using these cups and spoons all the time, we suggest grabbing ones that are bound to put a smile on your face like the adorably quirky ones available at Anthropologie. #Swoon 

Artisan mixing bowl

Another necessary tool for just about any recipe out there? A mixing bowl! You’ll use this kitchen staple every single day for things like tossing salads together, whisking eggs for a quick omelet, folding chocolate chips into cookie dough, and possibly just for eating cereal when you’re seriously hungry and need a massive serving.

While you can find a mixing bowl at pretty much any homewares site, this is another item where we totally recommend hitting up Easy to find a bowl that’s not only sturdy, but elegant. 


Copper wine opener

Newsflash: you can’t properly celebrate your newly stocked dream kitchen without a wine opener. Don’t be the sad human trying to dig a cork out of that Dom Perignon with a spoon or knife. Save yourself the struggle and invest in a wine opener you will love forever like this swoon-worthy piece of copper from Williams & Sonoma.