ShopVenture Blog - 7 Digital Galleries We Love

7 Digital Galleries We Love

By Lindsay Black
20 Apr 2016

Ready to turn your Pinterest board dream apartment décor into a real world reality? Thanks to online shopping, there’s a seemingly endless number of digital galleries out there to buy prints, paintings, and photography that’ll bring your space to life. Whether you’re into modern minimalist photography, classic prints, or original works from up and coming artists, your next (or perhaps first ever!) art purchase is only a click away. 

And there’s no need to feel overwhelmed by all of the choices. You’ll know you’ve found the right piece when, in the words of home-style guru Marie Kondo, it “sparks joy.”

Instead of aimlessly googling “wall art” and hoping for the best, we've uncovered the highest quality spots to shop stunning photography, clean prints, and show-stopping original works. Have fun scrolling through and prepare to fall in love!


Shopventure claudemonet art1 blog

Wish you had a way to sneak Monet past museum security and into your bedroom? Well, you don’t have to risk any jail time to get your classic prints through 1000 Museums. The site features a continuously growing collection of curated prints from across the globe, so you’ll see something new every time you check it out. Whether you swoon for surrealism or like to keep things clean and minimal with famous modern paintings, this site has just about any museum print you’re looking for. And, bonus feel-good points because each purchase supports the museum housing the original work!

Shop Claude Monet Artist's Garden at Giverny print here.


Shopventure art2 buysomedamnart exit


For modern art lovers on a slight budget, you can’t beat the ever-changing collections on Buy Some Damn Art. Most pieces are $500 and under and come from newly discovered independent artists all over the world. The site is run by Kate Singleton (cue Beyonce’s “Who runs the world? Girls!”), an avid art lover who features her latest discoveries on Instagram. As a pro tip for shopping here, definitely, follow Singleton on IG @ArtHounder to see what new paintings are available.

Shop EXIT by Marleen Pennings here and her Aloe Noon here.


Shopventure art3 mattsuessIf you’re living in the urban jungle and looking for a way to bring a hint of nature into your life, Matt Suess is your guy. His eye for fine art landscape photography is unbeatable, and each photo has just enough editing done to look slightly ethereal. One of our personal favorites is “Arrowleaf  Balsamroot Sunset at the Tetons” taken in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. Can you even try to not be in a good mood after staring at it? 

Shop Arrowleaf Balsamroot Sunset at the Tentons here.


Shopventure art agafarell etsy blog

Etsy is truly one of the best resources available for independent artists to share their work, and you can also find a treasure trove of vintage pieces at fair prices. It might take a bit of digging to find a piece that makes your heart skip a beat (pro tip: definitely try and get specific in the search bar with what you’re looking for), but the adventure of encountering so many unknown artists is all part of the fun. And don’t forget to “Favorite” each artist’s shop you like, because Etsy will build a custom recommendations feed just for you based on those shops! 

Shop Amsterdam by Aga Farrell here


Shopventure art5 enormoustinyart

When you live in an apartment the size of a shoebox, you need an even smaller piece of art to fit inside without overpowering the space. Insert “Enormous Tiny Art.” Launched in 2007 as a 300-piece capsule feature for Nahcotta art curators, the creative venture has grown to sell thousands of 10 X 10 and smaller original works. Pretty impressive, right?

By the way, we’re warning you now that the website has the addictive scrolling quality of Pinterest, and you’ll be freaking amazed at what people are able to create within such a small space. 

Shop Atlantic Spotted Dolphins by Allison May Kiphuth here 

Shop Save Money by Brooks Salzwedel here



Shopventure art6 cafeterranceontheplace

Perhaps the biggest player in the field, is the perfect place to find affordable prints of famous works you’ve loved ever since setting eyes on them in art history class. As for a few extra reasons to check out this monolith? You can send in your own photos to be transferred into gorgeous glossy or matte prints, and they’ll also frame whatever you order. Yes, please. 

Shop The Café Terrance On The Place Du Forum print here.


Shopventure society6 art blog

Got a specific print in mind? You’re bound to find exactly what you’re looking for (and possibly several things you never knew you needed) on Society 6. We love this site because it houses hundreds of thousands of artists (yes, hundreds of thousands), and you can specify whether you want a print matte or glossy, what size you’re looking for, and even add a frame. #OneStopShop. If you don’t know where to start, we suggest heading over to their “Discover” page to see which hot new artists are on the rise. 

Shop Cactus print by Amber Barkley here. Comes in a Shower Curtain too. 

Header Image: Monroe Street by Kayoung Lee