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6 Ways to Wear White After Labor Day

By Sophie Zucker
06 Sep 2016

Picture this: you enter a friend’s outdoor dinner party on September 6th, carrying your famous fruit salad, donning a pair of immaculate white jeans. Before you can even utter, “Where’s the wine?” a fellow party-goer rushes to slam the door in your face, in doing so knocks over the entire spread, yelling “NO WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY!” The guests nod in agreement. The door slams. You leave, high and dry.


We’ve all been there. White after Labor Day is supposedly a faux-pas. But rules are meant to be broken, right? Here are a few ways to wear white clothing after Labor Day.


1. Colored Accents 

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You can get away with anything (not murder, though, because you’re wearing all white), if you have colored designs on white fabric. You can’t get that easy, breezy, beautiful summer feel of a flowing white dress, without looking so bright and white. We find that these white dresses also reveal less than the all white, which has a tendency to show everyone in the room exactly what kind of thong you’re wearing. We recommend Elone’s Steele – Aria dress.

2. Don’t Show Your White

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Ok, so technically, no one ever said anything about not wearing white undergarments after Labor Day, but we just wanted to make sure you knew you could. White bras, ironically enough, cannot be worn under white garments, so maybe don’t pair this with any of the other items on the list. But we love our white lace bras – it’s practically like becoming a born-again virgin, we feel so pure and innocent in these things. And this Lace Balconette Bra from Third Lace is full coverage, so it’s wearable for everyday use.

3. Leave the White at Home

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You know those days where you just want to lounge around in your apartment, binge-watch Strange Things and eat Doritos? Well, we bet you didn’t know that those days are yet another opportunity to wear white after Labor Day – white robes! We love robes as much as Oprah loves baths, and for more or less the same reason – they make us feel luxurious. We’re not talking about donning a full on fuzzy spa-guest white robe, but how about a robe with white stripe accents? So that Doritos Dust won’t make itself quite as visible? Enjoy and relax in the Knee Length Striped Jersey Knit Robe.

4. Make it Off-White

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It’s like those brides who think they’re so alternative because their dresses are ‘off-white.’ Please, girl, you’re still buying into traditional standards of marriage so how alt can you be? Did we go off on a tangent? Sorry. By wearing a by-product of white (ie off-white, eggshell, beige), you’re not truly saying a big F U to ‘No White After Labor Day,’ you’re just flirting with danger. And what better way to flirt with danger than in a romper, arguably the most flirtatious and dangerous of them all? Half dress, half shorts, half white? We recommend the Dandelion Playsuit from Born to be Chic for such an occasion.

5. Plain White T’s

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Hey there, Delilah, if you’re cutting out plain white t-shirts after Labor Day just because of ‘the rule,’ then you’re doing it wrong. White t-shirts are a staple, a must have, in every woman’s closet. Dress them up with a pair of nice black slacks and a blazer, dress them down with a pair of distressed jeans, throw them on underneath your sweaters so the fuzz doesn’t stick to your skin – the possibilities are endless. You need these white T-Shirts as much as we need ‘Hey, there, Delilah’ lyrics ingrained in our brain (we need them. A lot. They remind us of our childhood). 

6. Show Some Skin

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We know you’re dying to show off what little tan you acquired this summer, and what article of clothing highlights your tan more than a white tank top? Even if you happened to spend all summer in an office, at least those shoulders might be a little tan from that one weekend on the Cape. Try a white tank top, just as versatile as a white T. Plus, everyone will be so focused on your bronzed arms that no one will even remember it’s a couple days after Labor Day –shhhh, don’t remind them.


We hope this helped and made you feel a little more free in a post-Labor Day world. We’ll see you at the next September 6th gathering, rocking our all white kicks, shorts, and crop tops. We don’t play by the rules, and neither should you.

Cover Image from StyleKronicles