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6 Shoe Startups You Need To Know About

By Phoebe Waller
15 Mar 2016

Spring is almost upon us, which means it’s high time to evaluate your wardrobe; in particular your shoe collection. Winter calls for cozy boots of all sizes, including ankle length and over-the-knee styles, but the dawning of spring requires a whole range of different kinds of shoes. Depending on where you are in the world, spring often means one thing: unpredictable weather. Therefore, to ensure your feet are dressed appropriately to face an array of elements, you probably need to invest in some new shoes.

We’ve scoured the web to find the coolest shoe start-ups that need to be on your radar. From hand-crafted shoes to rollup flats, and even customisable designs, there’s something for every shoe lover.

Come rain or shine, prepare your tootsies with some stunning new shoes from these cutting edge, contemporary start-ups – your feet will thank you!


Beautiful Ballerina Flats By Margaux

Margaux shoes shopventure online shopping reviews

Step out in style this spring, in a pair of simply classic ballerina flats by Margaux. These chic shoes are handcrafted by Spanish artisans, using the finest Italian suede, so that you can look and feel effortlessly elegant as you transition seamlessly from a day at the office, to an evening with friends. Margaux designs are available in standard European sizes or they can be made custom-made to your measurements, so you’re guaranteed a perfect fit every time. Choose from the classic ballerina style flat you love and know, or pick a limited edition style for something a little different.


Shoes of Prey

Shoes of prey shopventure online shopping reviews

Have you ever stumbled across a beautiful pair of shoes, but they had a certain detail that put you off the entire design? With Shoes of Prey, you will no longer experience this situation, due to the fact that you can design your entire shoe! From ankle boots, to oxfords, or even stilettos, there are a range of shoe styles to choose from. Customize your shoe by choosing your preferred heel height, pick from 170 different materials, and more. You don’t have to worry about sizing either, because Shoes of Prey Signature Styles come in US sizes 2-15 and the Complete Collection is available in US sizes 3-13 – with both ranges being inclusive of half sizes. 

With their 365 day return or remake policy, you’ve really got nothing to lose. So what are you waiting for? Go and create your perfect pair of shoes!


Greats sneakers shopventure online shopping reviews

GREATS originally began as a sneaker company for men but due to high demand, they now offer their most popular styles in women’s sizes. GREATS launched in August 2013 and sold out of most styles within 90 days. According to their website the brand is, “passionate about building the best footwear in the game at the best price.” Music to our ears! Functional and stylish, these sneakers will take you from your morning run, to an afternoon of errands, through to dinner with friends. Choose from a contemporary take on the canvas oxford, a classic slip-on sneaker, a gorgeous high-end sneaker, and more!


Blu kick shoes

Inspired by the colors of the fish in the waters surrounding Hawaii, mother and son team Will and Victoria, founded Blu Kicks with the intention of making vacation inspired shoes more colorful and carefree. Choose from athleisure style slip-on shoes with nautical stripes, super cute moccasins, or an adventurous pair of chukkas. For every pair that is sold, $1 is donated to help raise awareness of endangered environments and habitats. Blu Kicks make our feet and our hearts happy!


Mgemi shoes shopventure online shopping reviews

M. Gemi’s mission is to create luxury shoes at affordable prices. All of their shoes are handmade in specialist Italian shoe factories, alongside some of the most elite luxury brands. M. Gemi skips the middleman and sells their designs online to give their consumers the highest quality shoes at wonderful prices. From pretty lace pumps featuring cool lucite heels, to romantic lace up heeled sandals, you’re sure to find a pair (or four) to add to your shoe collection. Shoe obsessives will be delighted to hear that they can look forward to the start of the week because every Monday, M. Gemi release new, limited edition shoes...a perfect cure for the Monday blues!

Flat Out of Heels

Flat out of heels shopventure online shopping reviews

So you decided to wear your highest, most killer heels to a party, but after only a couple of hours, you begin to seriously regret your decision. We’ve all been there. Sometimes high heels can be super uncomfortable, or even painful. FlatOut of Heels CEO Dawn Dickson discovered a solution to this problem: rollable flats. These handy shoes are not only convenient feet-savers, they are also seriously stylish too! With designs ranging from leopard print, to florals, to metallic, there’s a style for every occasion. They come with a shoe bag to pop your heels in and they’re even small enough to store inside your clutch. What more could a heel-loving gal need?

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