ShopVenture Blog - 5 Ways to Celebrate National Pizza Month

5 Ways to Celebrate National Pizza Month

By ShopVenture
19 Oct 2016

We love October...the bearer of Fall’s first day, Halloween, the start of sweater weather and the ever sought-after break from Humidity. But did you know, it’s also NATIONAL PIZZA MONTH?! That’s right, we get a whole month to publicly appreciate the delicious treat of drunken-late-night-dollar-slice-stoop-eating.

It's a shame that our waistlines don’t love Pizza Appreciation Month as much as our mouths do. So this October, we’re showing our love for this gift from the Italian Gods in a new way - by wearing it (and not like we do after our drunken-late-night- dollar-slice-stoop-eating).

1. Pizza on your Shirt

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Pretty obvious, you go to a concert you wear a band T-shirt. Well it’s the same idea with pizza month, because let’s be honest, you’ll never dislike pizza like you did that band’s newest acoustic album. Our pick is this awesome ‘za t-shirt from The Club of Odd Volumes - bonus point, they only print using eco-friendly dyes.


2. Pizza for your Feet

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Since there really isn’t any way you could share pizza’s divine taste with your feet like you do with your shirt during the unexpected (and often inevitable) spillage, you need to show your foot pizza support in a new fashion. We suggest Nike’s StefanJanoski ‘Pepperoni Pizza’ shoes paired with Living Royal’s pizza socks since, ya’know, you can never have TOO much pizza.


3. Pizza for your Finger

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This is the least edible of our pizza list (although none of them are actually food, this one actually comes with a choking hazard). We’re in love with Snash Jewelry’s pizza ring. Feeling fancy? Layer up with their wine ring and make it an Italian date night!


4. Pizza Under…where?

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Similar to your feet, this is definitely an area that should never have the opportunity to experience pizza in its natural form. No worries though! We present to you Neff pizza boxers. Sport your passion for pizza even in your sleep with these super comfy boxer shorts!


5. Enamel Pizza

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Enamel pizza is one of our favorites since it caters to such a large spectrum of pizza fans. For the committed fans it lets you wear your pizza pride every day without stinking up your office, and for the more shy supporters it lets them add a little pizza flair on a purse or backpack. Our pick is Pintrill’s super cute pizza pin, it’s cute enough even Jennifer Anniston would wear it.