ShopVenture Blog - 5 Nail Polish Stores To Fuel Your Mani Addiction

5 Nail Polish Stores To Fuel Your Mani Addiction

By Teresa Newsome
16 May 2016

Nail art is blowing up! Kylie Jenner sports new nail styles every week and her teenage lackies are following close behind. So of course that means these Instagram driven teens will be making nails THE beauty trend of the decade.

However, for some of us, nails have been a long valued lifestyle...not a Jenner spawned trend. Who doesn’t remember growing up as a nail polish addict and having to settle for whatever polishes they had in the bins at the drugstore? That was way back before words like lacquer, varnish and indies were part of the beauty language. The struggle was real. Did anyone even use fast-drying topcoats? Who actually had the time to sit around and wait for their nails to dry. How did we live?!?

Well, thankfully our generation has crafted polish-obsessed entrepreneurs who’ve made nail polish an art form. It’s no longer a matter of just choosing a color. There’s now jellies, cremes, crellies...holographic glitters, multi-chrome glitters, flakie glitters...metallics, textured polishes, matte polishes. You get the point, things have progressed for the nail community.

So to help navigate this whole new world we’ve put together five stores to satisfy all your nail dreams. And you better keep reading...there’s not much else to do until your polish dries anyway?


1. Live Love Polish 

If you’ve ever had dreams of waking up in a glitter wonderland, Live Love Polish is the store for you. They sell glitter all-stars, like Starrily and Fun Lacquer, plus stunners from brands like Femme Fatale, KBShimmer, Cirque, Glitter Daze, NCLA, and more. If glitter isn’t for you then browse their selection of dreamy cremes, base coats and topcoat arsenals. 7f29ec16 17b7 4fac a4b2 d4a7a5039af3

Image Source: Tumblr

2. HB Beauty Bar

This shop provides the foundation for any nail product collection. They’re the go-to spot for big name companies like China Glaze, O.P.I., Color Club, Zoya, Essie, and Orly. They also stock a few trendier, unknown brands like Floss Gloss and ella + mila.0c4ba7db b221 4be6 a7d5 9290ea7d0720

Image Source: Tumblr


3. Bundle Monster

Want some next level nail art? Then get online and head on over to Bundle Monster. They're basically a one-stop-shop for all things nail art, selling one of the most impressive stamping plate games in the business. And who could forget the equipment? Boasting a range of brushes, studs, gems, foils, decals, vinyls, and even nail stickers.

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12 pc Nail Art Design Set, $7.99,

4. Twinkled T

Have you ever fantasized about creating awesome nail art designs...only to realize you basically have no creative skills when it comes to freehand painting and intricate design? Fear not, my precious polisher. Twinkled T is here to fix all your problems. They have vinyls for everything! We like to call them The Virgin Nail Vinyls. Part sticker, part stencil, part awesome.

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Image Source: Song of Style

5. Bliss Kiss

Ok, so technically this isn't nail polish. BUT it totally counts because it's basically the secret weapon of anyone with killer natural nails (no disrespect for the fakes out there, we love rocking some bomb acrylics). Bliss Kiss create a bunch of nail care products, but the two most notable are the cuticle oil and clean up product. The cuticle oil is pretty much nail crack for a lot of people. It makes your nails grow without chipping or breaking. The clean up product is what we like to call magic glue. You just slap it on your nails and peel it off to reveal a nice, clean mani. That truly is the American dream.

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Image Source: Song of Style

So there you have it. Five of the nail greats. Which means there’s no excuse not to buy those open toe sandals for summer. Get online, buy some stuff, and start living the dream...with trendy nails of course! 

Header Image Source: Song of Style