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4 Fashion Tips For The Vertically Challenged

By Jessica Learish
13 May 2016

When Anna Kendrick starred in the Newcastle Brown Ale Super Bowl commercial, she cracked a few jokes about not fancying herself “beer commercial babe hot.” And let's be honest, you don’t see petite girls rolling around Carl’s Jr. commercials or strutting down the NYFW runways. To put it lightly, the fashion world just doesn’t exactly cater to the vertically challenged.

But with the rise of tiny superstars like Misty Copeland, Kate Mara, and Anna Kendrick, it’s time for the little lady army to embrace the glory of being short!

So what are some tips you can use to balance out your look if you’re height falls on the left side of the old bell curve? Check out these four fashion hacks, conveniently stacked on a low shelf, right where you can reach them.

1. Horizontal Stripes 454d53c4 1b09 46b9 b684 261ae50ace47

Whistles Striped Knit Tee Dress, $230,

Are you ready for some science? The conventional fashion wisdom that horizontal stripes are reserved for the long and lean is actually factually incorrect. It’s called the Helmholtz Illusion and it states that a square, composed of horizontal stripes, appears taller than one made from vertical stripes. Take advantage of this elongating scientific fact and work some horizontal stripes into your wardrobe this summer.


2. Neutral Accessories

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Neutral shoes, especially platforms or heels, evoke the illusion that your legs are longer than they are by mimicking your natural skin-tone. The darker your skin, the darker the shoe, but they definitely don’t have to be an exact match to get the look you’re going for. Complete the style by sticking with neutral accessories throughout your OOTD.


3. Crop Tops With High-Waisted Skirts

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Hallelujah! A look that objectively works better on the terminally short-legged! Move the whole operation up a level by rocking a crop top with a high-waisted skirt. This makes it look like your legs start up at your natural waist, emphasizing the slimmest part of your torso while creating an elongated leg line. Pair this look with neutral accessories and nude heels to get maximum lift. 


4. Rompers With Adjustable Waists 

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While you can’t physically control where your legs begin, luckily you can adjust the waist of your rompers. So how does that help us shorter gals? Well by pulling up the waistline you create an illusion of longer legs. Let the excess fabric drape down for a more relaxed vibe or tuck it in under the tie or belt for a more fitted look. These rompers are all conveniently sold at the wonderfully petite-friendly Morning Lavender.

If that wasn’t enough for you there’s actually tons of style blogs dedicated for fun-sized chicks like you! So after doing some online shopping (and leaving a review on ShopVenture of course) skip on over to Extra Petite and Retro Flame