ShopVenture Blog - We Bought All These Items...You Should Too

We Bought All These Items...You Should Too

By Saskia Starck
26 May 2016

S U M M E R. We’re ready for it like we’re ready for Beyonce’s Formation Tour.

After being wrapped up in tent-like coats for months, you’ve probably started to forget that other seasons even exist! But then, all of a sudden, the trees start to bloom, cute boys emerge from the shadows, and JT thaws our frozen hearts with “Can’t Stop the Feeling”. Yes my pretties, Summer is upon us.

If you’re like us, you probably started creating your must-buy list for summer fashion back in November after the first snowstorm. The flirtatious maxi dress (check), uncomfortable gladiator sandals (check), and of-course the cut-out swimsuit (and no, we haven’t quite figured out how to get around the whole tan-line issue yet).

However, our summer spending has gone a bit awry after stumbling upon these beauties in our weekly online shopping sprees (don’t judge us, it’s part of the job).

Here are three items that, well, you definitely don’t need, but we know you’ll have to have anyway…

We all need an Inflatable Unicorn in our lives

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#Floaty Inflatable Unicorn, $99,

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Unless you’ve been in legit hibernation, you’ve probably all seen the inflatable swan, gracing every fashion blogger’s Instagram feed for the past year. Well, the swan is Out, and the Inflatable Unicorn is so In. What’s more badass than floating around on your own Unicorn? We’ve named this one Stanley, and we’re buying one for everyone in the SV office. Who needs a desk anyways?

Welcome To Margaritaville

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Image Source: Williams Sonoma

After a long day at the SV office, our minds drift to daydreams of a tropical beach with a hot man delivering frosty margaritas to our sun loungers. Then reality hits. Fine, we’ll survive without the hot man and beach, but please, don’t take the margaritas from us. 

Thankfully, our reality can also include the Margaritaville Mixed Drink Maker. This gem of a household product features 48 different margarita recipes, and all you have to do is press a bloody button. A child could use it…but we wouldn’t recommend that.

We’re All Screaming For Ice-Cream

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An "ice cream sandwich", Singapore style. We promise yours won't turn out like this. 

Who doesn’t love ice cream in the summer? Seriously, name one person…bet you can’t. Instead of hitting up Mister Softee for a sub-par ice cream cone that will end up half down your arm and half on the street, why not get crazy and make your own ice cream sandwiches?!

We know what you’re thinking… “Don’t be ridiculous; that’s so much effort!” (We know this because we thought it too). But don’t you worry your little ice-cream-loving head, because we’ve found the solution!

We’ve found the solution with this little guy. Fully equipped to make your ice cream sandies look like something straight out of Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram. Nom nom. 

So party like the SV team this summer and join us as we float around on unicorns, with a margarita in one hand and an ice cream sandwich in the other. And if you’re stuck on what swimwear to wear for a party by the pool, we’ve got you covered.


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