ShopVenture Blog - 11 Bizarre Products Sold On Amazon

11 Bizarre Products Sold On Amazon

By Priyanka Agarwal
27 Oct 2015

The world of online shopping is weird and wonderful. Filled with both necessary purchases, and indulgent splurges. You could find excellent deals and enjoy great savings, yet blow it all on completely bizarre products you did not know you needed - until you laid eyes on them. is by far one of the most comprehensive shopping portals, and while they carry every possible necessity at competitive prices, we found 11 things that beg the question, “why”? 

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The Boyfriend Pillow 

Amazon boyfriend pillow shopventure
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This kind of boyfriend cuddles you to sleep and never rolls over. He lays there, giving you comfort all night, without nagging, shifting or complaining. We are sure that this Boyfriend Pillow is made by women, for women. It makes for a great gag gift, but we know you secretly want one for yourself. Just don’t let your ‘real’ boyfriend get too jealous. At $37.99, this weird and wonderful pillow is money well spent, we think.

Liquid Ass

Amazon ass spray shopventure1
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We cannot imagine why one would need (or want) a scent spray that is a “highly concentrated, super-horrible smelling fart spray”, but should you ever feel the need for one, Amazon has you covered. $9.93 gets you 30 ml (and several sprays) of this foul scent. Use it to play pranks on colleagues, friends and enemies. Whatever you do, make sure you spray away from yourself.

Dragon Meat

Amazon dragon meat shopventure can
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You may not be able to slay one, but you could claim to have eaten one. Here is an idea; take a tin of dragon meat to the next potluck dinner you get invited to. You will be guaranteed laughs and endless jokes. Spoiler alert: When you do open the can, there is a toy dragon head inside, but your friends do not need to know that - the expression on their faces will be priceless. $13.95 per can. 


Amazon gift nothing shopventure
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There are easier (and cheaper) ways to give someone ‘nothing’ for their birthday. However, if you have a point to make, go ahead and spend $6.18 on this round, plastic bubble filled with .. well, nothing. It could also be the perfect gift for person who has everything.

Male Enhancement Enlargement Pills

Amazon bizarre male pills shopventure
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We cannot decide what is more bizarre - that this product exists, that it is sold on Amazon for $22.98, or that it is eligible to be shipped to Singapore. It is safe to say, the only reason you should buy this is to play a practical joke on someone. Common sense tell us, in the ‘down there’ department, you need to be happy with what god gave you.

Star Wars’ Bantha Costume for Dogs

Amazon dog costume shopventure 1
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We love our fur-kids, and cannot see why one would subject them to wearing something like this. Yeah, there are cute doggie accessories and costumes out there, those that are comfortable and do not restrict their movements. However, this Bantha jacket with attached rider and headpiece, is not one of them. No matter how big a Star Wars fan you are, please don’t.


Amazon baby mop shopventure
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Calling all mums who are OCD about cleanliness. Having a crawling toddler at home? Get the Babymop for all of $38.95. Its a velour body suit they wear with all-over mop fibres to pick up any dirt and dust. How is that for a clever way to get them to clean up after themselves? Disclaimer: This product is obviously a joke, do not gift it to your mommy friends, unless you are prepared for their wrath.

The Open Cup Bra

Amazon bizarre bra open shopventure
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We had a hard time understanding the point of this bra, till we realized that it is the bra version of crotchless panties. It all makes sense now. Should you need this sexy, scalloped lace, open cup, underwired bra, It can be yours of $12.66 (onwards). The underwire mechanism gives you cleavage, and the open cup concept gives you headlights. Win-win?

Booty Fresh

Amazon bizarre booty fresher shopventure
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Here is the antidote to Liquid Ass (see above). An odor neutralizer that promises to get where soap, wipes and toilet paper can't. Spray this into your butt (we are not kidding!) and  with one full application and normal bathing, you won't notice offensive odor from the offending area (by which we mean, your butt) for up to 7 days. Priced at $24.95, we were sold on the product’s tagline - ‘love your butt’. 

Sneak Alcohol Caps

Amazon water camo caps shopventure
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You did NOT hear this from us, but this product could be the answer to all your music festival, drinking woes. Stuck in never-ending queues to buy the one measly bear at Laneway or Zouk? Now you don’t have to, fill your everyday mineral water bottles with booze (clear liquid only, please) and reseal using these innovative Camo Caps. This could be the best $4.99 you spend.

Cats Ass Salt and Pepper Shaker

Amazon cat ass salt shaker shopventure
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Refillable salt and pepper shakers where the good stuff (we mean the salt and pepper, LOL!) comes out of the kitty’s bottoms. We would love to have this bizarre product on our dinner table and watch our guest’s faces when they ask us to ‘pass the salt’   

And there you have it! You'll always stumble upon bizarre things (and sellers) in Amazon. 

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