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10 LBDs Under $100

By Min Yong
10 Nov 2014

It’s undeniable that when it comes to fashion and style, the Little Black Dress (LBD) is a perennial must. LBDs have stood the test of time because they look great on basically any body shape and suit almost all occasions (except for weddings..).

The key to making your LBD stand out is by rocking it with a pop of color, matching it with gorgeous gold or metallic accessories or strutting it out with a pair of killer heels.  

Whatever the occasion or look you’re going for, you can ALWAYS depend on a LBD. And better yet, who doesn’t love a timeless dress at an amazing price? We looked store-after-store and page-upon-page to discover the 10 must-have LBDs for under $100! You’re welcome ladies, and happy shopping!



Channeling your inner-Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s is key to wearing a classic LBD. Go with a simple cut with no embellishments like this classic version by Topshop ($58).

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Shop this Seam Midi-Dress at TopShop here.


A Wrap LBD is ideal for corporate/work events which require touch of formal while not sacrificing on style. The plunge in Lulus Wrap Dress ($29) is absolutely gorgeous and flattering for most body types.

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Shop this Wrap Dress at Lulus here


What we love about Lookbook Store's Open Back dress ($23) is that it’s tight, classy and is perfect for an evening at a club or sipping on cocktails at some fancy bar.

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Shop this Open Back Dress at Lookbook Store here.


Leather is a Vixen’s best friend and is the ideal fabric for a LBD. We’re definitely loving Forever 21’s ($22.99) faux leather shift dress which looks classy with a little tie around the neck. 

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Shop the Contemporary Faux Leather Dress here.


Stunning in an understated way, this vintage-inspired LBD by Be Bop has elegant capped sleeves and an appealing detail in the neckline that flatters all body types. We love this one! 

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Shop this Cap Sleeved Dress at Nordstrom Rack here.


When it comes to a beautiful yet whimsical (and comfy!) LBD, we’re lusting over Tobi’s ($46.34) tent dress with lace cuffs. We’d wear this one to catch a movie or just lounge on a girlfriend’s sofa. Sweet!

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Shop this Fairy Nights Dress at Tobi here.


If you’re just wanting a nice night out and want to be comfortable right to the end, then this spaghetti strapped LBD by St Frock ($69.90) is your best friend. Throw on a boho-style cardigan and make it look effortlessly chic or pair it with gold gladiator sandals.

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Shop this Alexia Dress at St Frock here.


What better way to look like a Venus than to wear a halter dress. This halter dress, from Beginning Boutique ($75.99) has a sexy back and a long slit. Sizzle…

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Shop the Monumental Dress from Beginning Boutique here.

Shimmer Goddess

Shine and sparkle with a stunning number like this one from Revolve ($74) that includes black and gold shimmer beading in an intricate pattern. You’ll really stand out in this one!

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Shop the Motel Finn Dress from Revolve here


And lastly, no LBD collection could ever be complete without a strapless dress! Paired with simple heels and accessories, this strapless dress from River Island-ASOS ($78) is suitable for evening dalliances of all kinds.

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Shop the Bandeau Glitter Dress at ASOS here.